YMMV / Ayane's High Kick

  • Ending Aversion: Not many people knows this OVA, but a few of the newer viewers might feel downhearted at knowing it is just the beginning of a longer series which was never made.
  • Narm: Ayane's victory over Sakurako is a mere doctor stoppage for a lucky cut on the latter's face. While this is Truth in Television, as many kickboxing matches end with both fighters standing just because one of them gains a cut that doesn't stop bleeding, it sort of kills the drama built in their match. Even worse, the stylized way in which the cut is performed makes it look like it was caused by a grazing toenail, which only increases the perception that it was an incredible case of sheer luck. However, all of this was probably intentional, as the OVA was originally conceived for four more episodes and the producers probably thought of this as the only way to give Ayane a credible initial win over Sakuraku before a longer rivality was executed.