YMMV / Appleseed

  • Awesome Music: The 2004 film had practically an All-Star Cast when it came to the world of electronic music, with notable contributors such as Boom Boom Satellites, Paul Oakenfold, and Basement Jaxx.
    • Crystal Ceremony from the 1988 OVA.
    • Alpha is no slouch in the music department either, with a strong dubstep showing including titles like "I'm a' Try it Out", and contributions from many Japanese dubstep artists like "Acceleration by Nishi-ken, "You Make Me" by androp, and "Depth" by CAPSULE.
  • Epic Fail: Appleseed XIII somehow managed to misspell Olympus and Deunan's last name wrong in several episodes. "Olumpus?" "Kunte?" REALLY? And that goes double for the misspelling of Deunan's last name, even!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Connexus in Ex Machina as a must-have product. It's basically a smartphone, only you wear it rather than hold it. The first version of the iPhone came out the same year as the movie (later it is revealed to be a tool used to brainwash cyborgs and normal humans to do terrorist acts).
  • Les Yay: Although there is little even in terms of Subtext to back it up, there are scenes both in the OVA and in the first movie hinting at a mutual attraction between Deunan and Hitomi. (For example, Hitomi asking Deunan what it's like to be in love). Not so much in the manga, with Deunan explicitly saying she's "not into that" when Hitomi drunkenly Glomps her in the shower.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Colonel Hades's Ignored Epiphany in the 2004 film.
  • Narm: Ex Machina has lots of mildy narm scenes and dialog lines. Arguably it applies to the whole plot, as all the problems are really the result of Too Dumb to Live by both the main characters and the government.
    • Take a shot every time the word "paradise" is mentioned in Appleseed XIII. You'll likely be passed out on the floor within a few episodes... and it Just. Doesn't. Stop.
  • Superlative Dubbing: Many fans think so highly of Ex Machina's dub (which featured some of ADV's best) that they are willing to watch a movie they would otherwise dislike.
    • The English cast for the series Ex Machina onward has apparently been so highly regarded that Alpha debuted as an English-language movie; it was dubbed into Japanese three months later.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome