YMMV / Aoi Shiro

  • Anvilicious: There are entire conversations with dozens of lines of dialogue that stress how okay it is to eat meat and how there is no reason for anyone, including a Buddhist monk, to be a vegetarian or vegan unless there is a health condition involved.
  • Awesome Music: The aforementioned "Michiyuku Shi wo Koe" (also known as A Trailblazer Surpasses Death).
    • Izanami's pretty epic too with its vocals.
    • Ryuujoukohaku (used in Kaya and Kohaku's fight).
  • Contested Sequel: Many fans of Akai Ito were very disappointed with Aoishiro, mostly for downplaying the horror, and not liking the characters. On the other hand, plenty of people who played Akai Ito, loved Aoishiro, mostly for it's gorgeous visuals, great light-romance story, and the fact that Syouko, unlike Kei, was fairly competent and could actually hold her own without relying on her friends so much.
  • Goddamn Bats: Those pesky water oni, weak enough to be defeated by a faintly-powered wooden sword but strong in numbers and very dangerous if they can get a hold of you. A few bad ends involve one pulling you into the water while you're crossing the stepping stones, for a cheap kill. In quite a few more, they just swarm you and rip you to shreds.
  • Moe: Yasumi and Nami.