YMMV: A History of Violence

  • Adaptation Displacement: The graphic novel is not particularly well-known, but the movie is quite famous. This is because of Adaptation Distillation.
  • Complete Monster: "Little" Lou Manzi of the original comic is a ravenously psychotic mob boss and Torture Technician who makes Cold-Blooded Torture his hobby. Since becoming the head of the boss twenty years before the story, Manzi keeps a man as a toy, torturing him in every conceivable way he can think of day in and day out till the man is nothing more than an armless, legless chunk of meat- only still alive and conscious. In present, he tries to get the man's partner back to be his victim as well by threatening his family and even his young children.
    • Tom/Joey even with the very strong implications of how vicious he was, there are also very strong implications that he was more of a product of his environment an upbringing and even when his family is threatened by Fogharty, he gives him and his men every opportunity to leave before resorting to violence. He also doesn't even bother with Richie until he receives a call and Richie "asks" if Joey's going to come and see him or if he has to pay him and his family a visit personally. Whatever Tom did in his previous life, it is clear that he doesn't want anything to do with it anymore.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "How do you fuck that up?"
  • Ray of Hope Ending: As the main page comments show, not everyone sees it in the finished film, but the script ends with two words: "There's hope."