YMMV / A History of Violence

  • Adaptation Displacement: The graphic novel is not particularly well-known, but the movie is quite famous. This is because of Adaptation Distillation.
  • Complete Monster: "Little" Lou Manzi of the original comic is a ravenously psychotic mob boss and Torture Technician who makes Cold-Blooded Torture his hobby. Since becoming the head of the boss twenty years before the story, Manzi keeps a man as a toy, torturing him in every conceivable way he can think of day in and day out till the man is nothing more than an armless, legless chunk of meat- only still alive and conscious. In present, he tries to get the man's partner back to be his victim as well by threatening his family and even his young children.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "How do you fuck that up?"
  • Ray of Hope Ending: As the main page comments show, not everyone sees it in the finished film, but the script ends with two words: "There's hope."