YMMV / A History of Violence

  • Adaptation Displacement: The graphic novel is not particularly well-known, but the movie is quite famous. This is because of Adaptation Distillation.
  • Complete Monster: "Little" Lou Manzi from the original comic is a ravenously psychotic mob boss and Torture Technician who makes Cold-Blooded Torture his hobby. Since becoming the head of the boss twenty years before the story, Manzi keeps a man as a toy, torturing him in every conceivable way he can think of day in and day out till the man is nothing more than an armless, legless chunk of meat—barely alive and conscious. In present, he tries to get the man's partner back to be his victim as well by threatening his family and his young children.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "How do you fuck that up?"
  • Misaimed Fandom: The film was meant to be a meditation on the ugliness of violence and how it negatively effects the people involved, even when it's justified. However, a good number of viewers genuinely enjoyed the violent scenes, which were supposed to be the most off-putting parts of the story, possibly because the victims tended to be really rotten people. For example, Todd in the Shadows put the Groin Attack from this film in his list of his favorite movie nut shots, saying it was the most satisfying ballbuster he'd ever seen in a film.