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Western Animation: Lavender Castle
"Lavender Castle, a place of legend, fabled right across the universe. This is our quest: to find it!"
Captain Thrice, opening narration

Lavender Castle (1999-2000) is a part Stop Motion, part CGI children's Sci-Fi series, created by Rodney Matthews and produced by Gerry Anderson.

It follows the adventures of the crew of the Paradox, led by Captain Thrice, on their quest to find the legendary Lavender Castle and prevent Big Bad Dr Agon from destroying it.

The crew of the Paradox include Captain Thrice, his walking stick which was brought to life during a previous encounter with Lavender Castle, Isambard (Engineer), Roger (Pilot), Lyca (Doctor), Sir Squeakalot (Ship's robot) and Sproggle (Navigator).

Lavender Castle provides examples of the following tropes:

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alternative title(s): Lavender Castle
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