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Western Animation: Dino-Boy
One of the many animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera, Dino Boy was a companion series to Space Ghost.

Dino Boy in the Lost Valley was a series about a young boy who was forced to parachute from a plane that crashed, ending up in a mysterious valley, lost to the outside world and filled with not only prehistoric lifeforms, but creatures utterly alien to Earth. Saved from death at the jaws of a sabertoothed tiger by a caveman named Ugg, Dino Boy resigns himself to surviving in The Lost Valley.


  • Action Series
  • All Cavemen Were Neanderthals: Ugg is a spitting image of the stereotypical Neanderthal, but, somewhat unusually, is portrayed as being quite intelligent; his voice is deep and somewhat monosyllabilic, but he speaks intelligible words and never grunts, and is quite adept at devising plans, such as immediately figuring out that the best way to panic a herd of mastodon into stampeding is by using a hollow log to amplify his horn's volume.
  • Lost World: The Lost Valley, where the series took place. Its inhabitants included primitive hominids, dinosaurs, mastodons, sabretoothed tigers, giant humanoid worms, giant ants and beetles...
  • Name's the Same: John David Carson, the voice of Dino Boy, was unrelated to John William Carson, the host of The Tonight Show.
  • No Name Given: Dino Boy's real name is never revealed.

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