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Blinky Bill is the hero of a book series written by Dorothy Wall in the 1930s. The books inspired two TV series: The first one was a live-action puppet show called ''The New Adventures of Blinky Bill,'' which ran on Creator/TheABC from 1984-87 and produced by Richard Smith; the second one was a follow-up to the 1992 animated movie ''Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala'' and titled ''The Adventures of Blinky Bill''. The animated series, by far the most well-known version of the character internationally, was adapted and produced by Yoram Gross and ran for two series from 1993-95, with a third series (retitled ''Blinky Bill's Around the World Adventures'') airing in 2004.

Blinky Bill is an anthropomorphic koala who lives with his friends in the fictional Australian bush town of Greenpatch. In the film ''Blinky Bill : The Mischievous Koala'', Greenpatch is destroyed. The cartoon series is set after they found a new home.

The first series had the townspeople trying to get their new homes in order while coping with a family of playful tricksters and bullies, the dingoes. In the second series and a story arc formed in which Blinky and his gang got lost while on a school camping trip and had to find their way home. The third series had Blinky, Flap and Nutsy travel around the world in a hot air balloon, rescuing animals and being chased by two humans named Basil and Cyril who are the Circus Bros.

It got a {{CGI}} reboot in 2015, starting with a theatrical film. Needless to say, [[BrokenBase fans were already divided on whether going CGI is good at all. Heck, even the new design is a point of contention]].
!!Tropes you'll see in the series:
* AcCENTUponTheWrongSylLABle: Marcia's name is pronounced incorrectly in the second series credits song.
* AllCGICartoon: The 2015 reboot starts off with a CGI movie and will follow with a CGI TV series in 2016.
* AnimatedAdaptation: ''The Adventures of Blinky Bill.''
* AnimatedMusical: ''Blinky Bill : The Mischievous Koala'' had songs in it.
* AdiposeRex: Ma Dingo is one of these in the fairy tale episode.
* {{Adorkable}}: Flap
* AssholeVictim: Danny's schemes would often be undone without Blinky's help.
* BadassAdorable: Let's just say all 6 main kids TookALevelInBadass after the Extraordinary Excursion
* BarefootCartoonAnimal: Everyone except Daisy and Meatball
* BrattyHalfPint: Marcia Mouse
* BreakTheCutie: Nutsy in Mother´s day episode.
* ButtMonkey: Many characters have their moments. Mayor Pelican and Miss Magpie regularly get on the receiving end of Blinky's pranks.
* CanonForeigner:
** Tons of 'em. Neither Flap, Marcia, nor the Dingo family appeared in the original books, and that's only the more major characters the cartoon added.
** ''The New Adventures Of Blinky Bill'' puppet show had a few as well, such as Charlie Goanna, Eric Echidna and Sybilla the Snake, plus various (human) park rangers (as the show took place in Bollygum National Park).
* CarnivoreConfusion: the dingoes are never shown to eat or hunt any other animals
* CivilisedAnimal: The animals wear clothes, go to school and even have a currency.
* ClarkKenting: Danny's disguise as El Diablo the Magician. A fake beard, a hat, and he doesn't even take off his CoolShades. Shifty's disguise as his assistant is no better. It works, at least on the kids, until Meatball comes in and blows it.
* CoolBigSis: Daisy Dingo
* CuteLittleFangs: The Dingo family
* TheDoorSlamsYou: A common gag.
* {{Determinator}}: The circus brothers chase Blinky across six continents in their efforts to catch him.
* DumbMuscle: Meatball Dingo.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: In the first episode, Flap makes brief cameos. Ruff the Lizard, meanwhile, fills the role Flap would have later anyway. Which is odd, because Flap had a rather large role in the movie.
* EasyAmnesia: Blinky gets it in the movie, after a tree falls on him, so that Wombo can conveniently fill in his backstory via {{Flashback}} for the viewers before the main plot continues.
* EveryEpisodeEnding: Nearly every episode of the Yoram Gross series ends with Blinky (or another character) uttering his famous catchphrase: "Extraordinary!"
* EverythingsBetterWithPlatypi
* ExpositoryThemeTune: The first series has a brief recap of the movie:
-->But then one dark and gloomy night, when all the bush was still,
-->Some bandits came and stole the trees, to feed their woodchip mill!
-->And when at last the morning came, the timber trucks moved on,
-->And where their Greenpatch used to be, the little town was gone!
* FencePainting: Blinky pulls this on Splodge and Flap in "Blinky Breaks the Drought", with his chores at Gloop's Cafe.
* GentleGiant: Splodge
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: In "A Dog's Best Friend" Flap slides down the banister and gets hit in the crotch by a pole.
** In the 2015 movie, one character asks Jacko if he has "a reptile dysfunction".
* GladIThoughtOfIt: Mayor Pelican says this word for word after Blinky's (hastily made-up) suggestion of a Fund Run to raise money for a new hospital.
* TheHeart: Nutsy is this in general.
* HeelFaceTurn: By the 2nd series, the whole dingo family
* HumansAreTheRealMonsters: As shown in the movie and numerous episodes.
* InexplicablyTailless: The koalas have no tails. (Even in the scene where Blinky changes into his nightshirt in the 1992 movie)
** Some other animals (including bears, wombats and echidnas) are tailless as well.
* KidHero: Blinky Bill
* TheKiddieRide: Giant Blinky on BambooTechnology car!
* LandDownunder
* LeanAndMean: Danny Dingo
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: Cyril Circus does this in "Paris Au Go-Go".
-->'''Cyril''': Maybe it's one of those TV shows. Am I on television? Better look your best, Teddy.
* LovableCoward: Flap Platypus
* NonMammalMammaries: Although most characters are mammals and Miss Magpie who isn't does not have them, Blinky's mother, Daisy Dingo and others present very human looking breasts.
* OneShotCharacter: Myrtle in "Blinky Bill's Fire Brigade". She is also in the season finale among the wedding guests.
* TheOneWhoWearsShoes: Meatball and Daisy Dingo
* PuppyLove: Blinky Bill X Nutsy. Especially in episode Who is Blinky Bill. In this episode Blinky chalange with Algenon, who compete on Nutsy favor
* PluckyGirl: Marcia Mouse
* PronounTrouble: Meatball gets confused in this fashion when Danny tries to explain his role in the magic show scam.
-->'''Meatball''': While the whole town is watching the magician tonight, I, uh...
-->'''Danny''': You sneak in...
-->'''Meatball''': You sneak in-
-->'''Danny''': No, not me, ''you'' sneak in!
-->'''Meatball''': That's what I said.
-->'''Danny''': Alright, then, "I sneak in."
-->'''Meatball''': Okay. You sneak in-
-->'''Danny''': No, no, no no no! Okay, okay. While the town is watching the magician, Meatball sneaks in, and?
-->'''Meatball''': Watches the magician?
-->'''Danny''': No, no! While the town is watching the magician, Meatball sneaks into their homes and steals their food!
* SceneryGorn: The destruction of Greenpatch, seen in live action in the movie (with the animated animals running away from the destruction), and briefly in the opening sequence of the TV series.
* ShoutOutToShakespeare: The charity play in "Blinky Saves Granny's Glasses" is Blinky's rewrite of ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet''. After it gets hijacked by the dingos in an attempt to steal the money, we hear lines from ''Theatre/{{Macbeth}}''.
* SixStudentClique:
** TheHero Blinky Bill
** TheBigGuy Splodge Kangaroo
** TheChick Nutsy Koala (also TheHeart)
** TheSmartGuy Flap Platypus (also TheLancer) and Nutsy
** KidAppealCharacter Marcia Marsupial Mouse (also TheLancer)
** SensitiveGuy Shifty Dingo (also TheSmartGuy)
* ShortFilm: Yoram Gross made two short film with Blinky friend Flap. "Flap's Family" where people caught Flap and put him in a zoo, and "Flap's Island" an analogy Noah's Ark.
* StoryArc: Series 1: Rebuilding Greenpatch. Series 2: The Quest Home (albeit beginning midway through) Series 3: Balloon Adventure
* SunglassesAtNight: Danny Dingo
* SequelEscalation: Each series got grander and more plot focused. The first series was mostly self contained episodes which could be watched in any order save the last few. Series 2 had more a storyline with the gang lost but again you could watch most episodes in any order. Series 3 meanwhile was even bigger. Blinky traveled around the world in what was easily the most arc based (characters regularly left the group once home so one could easily miss such episodes) and there were actual villains for the first time since the original movie.
* TalkingAnimal: Pretty much all of them, including some nonmorphic characters.
** Series 3 even has them communicating freely with humans.
* ThemeTuneRollCall: "This is the story of Blinky Bill, and Flap and Nutsy too/And Wombo, [[AdvertisedExtra Ruff]] and Marcia, and Splodge the kangaroo."
* ThePowerOfFriendship
* TricksterArchetype:
** Danny and Daisy Dingo.
** Blinky in the third series against the Cricus brothers.
* VocalEvolution: Marcia's voice started out as pitch-shifted, but the shifting was dropped, so Robyn Moore gave her a whiny, raspier voice.
* WeirdCurrency: Gumnuts, which, according to Mr. Wombat, "don't grow on trees. Not at this time of the year."
* WhamEpisode: Blinky Bill and the Earthquake, the titular earthquake is really a mine cave in separating Blinky and the gang from Miss Magpie and their classmates. Then the episode goes on with a crazed Goanana chasing the gang out of the mine disguised as a ghost. Once out of the mine, it's night time. Meanwhile Miss Magpie is [[ItsAllMyFault crying her eyes out]] while Wombo comforts her and the gang set up camp for the night, ending the episode with Nusty imagining all their parents worried sick. This sets up the storyarc for the rest of the series in what had up until then been episodic.