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Website: Women in Refrigerators

Women in Refrigerators is a site by Gail Simone, created in March 1999, to list super-heroines who have been "either de-powered, raped, or cut up and stuck in the refrigerator" in an effort to illustrate that female superheroes are disproportionately likely to be brutalized in comic books, usually to further the character arc of male super heroes. It also spawned the infamous Women In Refrigerators meme, which has sparked a number of controversies regarding the subject.


  • Double Standard: The site's thesis is that there is a Double Standard against superheroines: women with superpowers are disproportionately subjected to death or "life-derailing tragedies".
  • Stuffed into the Fridge: The original site focused on just the treatment of women in comics but over time, other sources have added men to the list (particularly gay men), creating the blanket term "Stuffed In The Fridge" to cover more ground. The Trope Namer is based on a notorious incident early in Kyle Rayner's period as main Green Lantern, when his Muggle girlfriend (not a heroine) was murdered, and her corpse literally left in their refrigerator by a villain to torment him. (According to Word of God, the comic was not intended to suggest that she'd been dismembered, although the art left some readers with that impression.)

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