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A young elven wizard, after being recruited by his nation to assist in mapping their home continent, is pulled into a mess of political intrigue and thrilling chases after he impersonates a member of royalty. Our hero, James Woodrock, is pitted against the evil dragonborn Verzavt as they fight over the almighty Skull Keys, capable of unlocking great power. Joining James on his quest are the stoic cleric Jane, the unstable dwarven berserker Techy, the intolerable human bard Ray, the quiet troll rogue, Krinn, the morally ambiguous Deblin, and the vampire slave Douglas. They venture forth into unknown lands, protecting the skull known as Murray whilst attempting to discern the secrets that Murray and his kin protect.

But then the fanbase happens. James is a Cloudcuckoolander of the finest kind, with Refuge In Funny branded on some part of his brain. He may have a high intelligence in-universe, but his actions hardly reflect that. Perhaps his epic quest would be more convincing if he didn't have a Hammer Space pencil and a tendency to make shadow puppets on CLOUDS. And then they come into the real world, with live actors and 100% more ridiculousness

What Do You Do is a comic that has a rather simple premise: mix Dungeons & Dragons with MS Paint Adventures. Several panels (2) are posted every day, with the actions of James (the main character) decided by the fans. It has developed a rather dedicated (if relatively small) fan base, and its characters have been used (although In-Name-Only for the most part) in two indie flash games: Turn Based Battle! and Defend Your Honor, the former an RPG parody and the second a serious tower-defense type game.

Turn Based Battle! and Defend Your Honor can be found on the Armor Games website.

Has a character sheet, which is very much incomplete.

As of February 16, 2013 the site has gone down. The comic is being rehosted here. Free drugs in link

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