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Webcomic: The Deadlys
The Deadlys is a horror/comedy webcomic by Chris M. Cantrell which focuses on a family composed of Jack, a masked killer and loving husband and father. Elizabeth, a vampiress and pretty sensible wife/mother and their daughter Morgan, a half human hybrid whose your typical teenager. As of 2011 the family gained a son, Victor, who more then likely is starting to take after his father. The comic also focuses on their friends and extended family of their town of Necroblivion.

Started in Oct 2010 and updated Mon-Fri. After a bit of hiatus at the end of 2011, the comics returned and resumed in Sept 2012. Only now updating Mon and Fri

The reboot was also joined by prequel spin off, Teenage Vampire Mystery Squad, which focuses on a teenage Elizabeth solving mysteries with her sister and friend. Yes monsters solving mysteries, go fig. Updated Fridays. Chris has commented it'll be ending in the fall. And followed by

The Twitchell Chronicles: Another prequel which will star the Cute Witch character, Autumn, and her younger years starting out magic.

As of July 2013, Chris has changed the comics to a downloadable service so as to be able to draw the comic quicker.

The Deadlys provides following tropes:

Teenage Vampire Mystery Squad

The Twitchell Chronicles

The Darklords EchoesHorror WebcomicsDead Of Summer

alternative title(s): The Deadlys
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