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Webcomic: The Deadlys
The Deadlys is a horror/comedy webcomic by Chris M. Cantrell which focuses on a family composed of Jack, a masked killer and loving husband and father. Elizabeth, a vampiress and pretty sensible wife/mother and their daughter Morgan, a half human hybrid whose your typical teenager. As of 2011 the family gained a son, Victor, who more then likely is starting to take after his father. The comic also focuses on their friends and extended family of their town of Necroblivion.

Has a prequel Teenage Vampire Mystery Squad, which focuses on a teenage Elizabeth solving mysteries with her sister and friend. Yes monsters solving mysteries, go fig.

The Deadlys provides following tropes:

Teenage Vampire Mystery Squad

The Darklords EchoesHorror WebcomicsDead Duck

alternative title(s): The Deadlys
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