Webcomic: Prague Race

Why are we scared again?

''PragueRace'', aka Prace, is an ongoing webcomic "about friendship and adventure", by finnish artist Petra Erika Nordlund, better known as LEPPU. Its update rate is somewhat irregular.

The story (not counting the prologue) begins when Leona, a jobless belle, and her neurotic friend Colin buy a poster labeled "Prague Race" on a strange shop that is manned by even stranger people. Soon enough odd, roach-like creatures start appearing all over Leona's apartment and the group of friends (with gentle animal-lover Miko complementing the Trio) see themselves involved with the weird shenanigans that surround this place, and the "other side" that it appears to be a portal of.

The author's DA and Tumblr account are filled with sketches and additional art that promise a lot for the story to come. Leppu's DA account is here and her Tumblr account is here

The comic has now moved from SmackJeeves to its own site. Links in examples need updating.
This webcomic contains examples of: