Webcomic / Palindramas

Palindramas is a webcomic (currently on hiatus since spring of 2009) written and drawn by Dan Mazur. The premise was to create a palindrome (a word or phrase in which the letters are in the same order backwards and forwards), then draw a cartoon illustrating it.

The episodes vary in length from single-panel cartoons to multi-page strips. Some comics have a palindrome as a caption describing the scene; others have the story build up to a palindromic punch line; in a few cases, the entire dialogue forms one big palindrome.

Several strips feature guest art by Ed Gedeon, creator of Everyday Heroes.

After the demise of Webcomics Nation, a large part of the comic is currently unavailable. It appears that on the Wayback Machine, only the very last comic posted shows up as a non-broken image. However, a handful of them can be found on Dan Mazur's LiveJournal starting here and seven comics can be found on his site here.

Tropes featured include: