Webcomic / Ludicrous Power

Ludicrous Power is a gag-a-day webcomic by Sam Laurel, who previously created the webcomic Smaaaash!! It follows the adventures of three roommates, as well as some of the other people they interact with, who live in a fantasy-RPG-ish setting and deal with monsters, everyday problems, and each other with their ludicrous powers.Main characters include:
  • Eve, a knight who can steal monsters' powers by killing them with ordinary weapons, which then gain the foe's power. Apparently it has something to do with bloodlines and ancestors or something.
  • Royston, a wizard who got body-swapped with his pet frog, Jam, but can still use magic in his new body.
  • Doreen, who can summon creatures from other dimensions which she has defeated...after taking notes on them. She has a pet Windsock Ferret named Billow.
  • Ferris Quincy Emerson, a shy man who can see and speak to ghosts, and uses this ability to "unhaunt" haunted places for a living.
  • Casey, Ferris's robotic apartment neighbor.
  • Holly, a florist who has plant powers, naturally.

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Tropes present in this comic include: