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Webcomic: Falcon Twin
"It's not that I want to die... but I don't really want to live, either."

Falcon Twin tells the tale of Mika Murakami, a Shrinking Violet who is constantly bullied by her classmates, with only her friend Yumiko willing to stand up for her. Though she endures the abuse quietly, Mika secretly boils with rage and jealousy, wishing she wasn't so limited by her own defeatist attitude, but unable to find the strength of will to believe in herself or change anything. Her already pretty crappy life takes an even nastier turn, however, when a Class Trip to her sister Rie's workplace is derailed by a terrorist attack. During the ensuing chaos, she and her friend Yumiko, both seriously wounded, get transported to another realm... which quickly turns out to be just as terrible as their own. Her attempt to find help just leads to Mika getting separated from Yumiko, and she quickly gets caught up in an adventure she doesn't want, with a monster of a rival and unsure of what she really wants or hopes to gain... if she has any hope at all.

Not a cheerful story by any stretch.

The series ran from April 2003 to 2007, and can be found here.

This series contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): Falcon Twin
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