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Webcomic: FAMIB
FAMIB is a long form webcomic that started in 2001. It takes places in an Alternate Universe where technology is more or less the same as now, but with plenty of odd twists, such as a race of people with animal ears and another with wings coming out of the sides of their heads.

The story mainly follows the boy Tomas/Sein and his dragon Wollen, who murdered most of Tomas's family and decided to adopt him. The secondary main characters are Narancs (Tomas's brother) and Wrey, two Ei agents, members of an elite special force who work for the government. Later chapters have also woven in some world-building backstory in the form of a biography Sein reads about the historical figure Hairam, who lived and died 200 years ago.

Can be read here.

This webcomic provides examples of the following:

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