Web Comic / Demon Hunter Kain

Demon Hunter Kain is a Web Comic by Burrell Gill Jr.

The story follows the life of Zandalee, an Ordinary High-School Student.... other than hallucinations that persist despite her medications. The comic picks up at the point when Zandalee has, after four years, gotten out of a mental institution and is about to start going to a normal high school. Things take a turn for the the worse when Zandalee's hallucinations reappear, and one of them slashes Zandalee with a knife. Zandalee gets rescued from this by a demon hunter called Kain. Kain explains to Zandalee that she was never hallucinating, and the things she saw were in fact real.

This Web Comic provides examples of

  • Animesque - Burrel drew a lot of inspiration from various anime series.
  • Badass Cape - Liana's cape, which appears to have been ripped up in combat.
  • Cool Mask - The Demon Hunter body armor's one feature.
  • Demon Slaying - Kain and his mother's stock in trade.
  • Katanas Are Just Better - Kain's abilities include conjuring a Tanto out of thin air, and upgrading it into a katana.
  • Medicate the Medium - Zandalee's backstory so far. She spent four years in a mental institution, until the spirits either left her alone for a while or the medication dulled her sensitivity.
  • Power Incontinence - The cause of Zandalee's "hallucinations".
  • Spontaneous Weapon Creation - Kain's knives.