[[http://www.tortugasradioactivas.com/404/ Cuatrocientos Cuatro]], also known as '''Cuatro-cero-cuatro''' or just '''404''' (four-0-four) is a Spanish webcomic written and drawn by ''Albert "Koopa" González''. This webcomic could be defined as the Spanish equivalent to ''Webcomic/{{Xkcd}}'': geek jokes with barely no continuity, it uses Maths, Physics, wordplays and memes for its humor.

This comic first began in a Fotolog account, where Albert showed his first jokes involving his friends, Science jokes and impossible wordplays in Spanish. Then it moved to its own website, ditching the previous material and bringing new jokes.

Despite having no actual continuity, in his old strips Albert created a superhero called Capitán Cerumen (Captain Earwax) able to use the wax from his ears to fight evil. In the beginning of his new strips, he created a group of superheroes (Taxidermista) starring famous scientists Ohm, Faraday and Schrödinger, along with Microsoft's infamous assisstant Clippit and A.D.A, a female AI. They had villains such as El Demostrador (The Demonstrator), though they weren't around for long.

Though the webcomic ended on January 2011, its spirit lives on in Webcomic/{{HTZ}}, also by Albert.

!!This webcomic provides examples of:

* AffectionateParody: The famous line "Where is your God now?" was parodied twice. First time, God himself shoots the author. Second time, it is revealed God is a [[ComicBook/FantasticFour Skrull]].
** Franchise/{{Halo}} and Master Chief were turned into Palo (Spanish for "stick") and Master Caveman.
** {{Transformers}} villain Megatron starring [[Film/{{Tron}} certain Disney movie]].
** Schrödinger and his box parody Creator/ClintEastwood and his most famous Film/DirtyHarry scene. [[http://www.tortugasradioactivas.com/404/index.php/32/?p=33 "Do I feel lucky?"]]
* ArtEvolution: There's some of it, despite Albert's still being a very simple art style.
* EvilTwin: [[http://www.tortugasradioactivas.com/404/index.php/404-la-saga-del-clon-i/?p=293 Parodied]] [[http://www.tortugasradioactivas.com/404/index.php/404-la-saga-del-clon-ii/?p=294 three times]] [[http://www.tortugasradioactivas.com/404/index.php/404-la-saga-del-clon-iii/?p=295 in a row]].
* LawyerFriendlyCameo: Some of the author's friends and their characters, such as Ninja Lamp, from XD Comics.
* MemeticBadAss:
** Jesus. Yes, that UsefulNotes/{{Jesus}}. Be it with katanas or as Sniper Jesus.
** {{God}} himself is quite of a badass too.
** Literature/{{Heidi}}. Nice little girl living in the Alps with her grumpy grandfather? How about getting her, her gramps and her friend Klara in a war?
*** Not to forget Klara's wheelchair is now a GiantRobot.
** Spanish hero El Cid was already a badass. Now he is a badass with a sniper rifle.
** And let's not forget Faraday, Ohm and Schrödinger turned into superheroes.
* NinjaPirateRobotZombie: In one strip, Jesus comes back as a cyborg. And in another one, we have cyborg Gandhi.[[http://www.tortugasradioactivas.com/404/index.php/404-por-peticion-popular/?p=120]] Everything is better with cyborgs.
* RickRoll: Even combined with DoABarrelRoll... [[http://www.tortugasradioactivas.com/404/index.php/404-so-this-is-starfox/?p=298 you've been Barrel Roll'd]].
* ShoutOut: Many famous people have been in this comic, be it Steve Jobs, Creator/BillMurray, SelfDemonstrating/GLaDOS...
** Even {{God}} and UsefulNotes/{{Jesus}} themselves.
* TheEnd: [[http://www.tortugasradioactivas.com/404/index.php/404-presente-pasado-futuro/?p=304 With a Big Bang.]]
* WorldOfPun: Tons of them. Unfortunately, they're in Spanish and translation would kill most of the jokes.