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Webcomic: Code Twilight
This webcomic has nothing to do with and is not to be confused with that bunch of books by Stephenie Meyer. It's also not a fanfic crossing it over with Code Lyoko. Or Code Geass.

Code Twilight is the story of Legode Rydrion, who begins a journey across the multiverse with her best freind to rescue her parents from whoever is behind their kidnapping. It is made by Auragongal.

The Cast:
  • Legode Rydrion: a blue-skinned elf who is the daughter of the light elf Bethany Glyder and the dark elf Dorick Rydrion, currently she's the Substitute Spymaster for her Father's Spyring, Project Archive.
  • Trisha Lorasi: Legode's best freind. She's a human who works as a maid and bodyguard to Legode.
  • Yethrys: Legode's pet wolf. He is only understood by Legode, and acts as a Deadpan Snarker.
  • C.T.: stands for Cute Thing, speaks only in emoticons and symbols.
  • Staven: C.T.'s talking staff, doesn't like C.T. much.
  • Yoshiro Akamori: A man who is half-ogre. He leads a small village in a dimension that seems like Feudal Japan.
  • Seth: mysterious Angel sealed in Trish's Crossbow.
  • Orochi: leader of the group who kidnapped Legode's parents, he has the ability to turn people he killed into masks.
  • Persia: Orochi's Cat-witch girlfriend. She put a spell on Legode that caused her to understand animals, but she was trying to cast a death spell on her.
  • William Theodore Forest: a Necromancer forced into Orochi's employment.Made Jenny a Zombie.
  • Jenny: a thief under Orochi's employment, currently a Zombie, she also has free will since she was still alive when made a Zombie.

Code Twilight contains examples of:

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