Web Video / Punishing Prometheus


"Keep it together, Erik... It's just a couple of files... You may be talking to yourself on the internet but it isn't the end of the world..."

Punishing Prometheus is a YouTube vlog run by fictional high school student Erik Daniels. It was created to fill in gaps in his memory while Erik was on his medication, which caused short-term memory loss. Things go wrong, however, when Erik is attacked by a person wearing a gas mask, and begins getting creepy video responses from a channel called "DeathOfAtlas". Things go From Bad to Worse with the appearance of a familiar tall figure...

Punishing Prometheus is a video blog addition to The Slender Man Mythos. Erik's Twitter account can be found here. The central hub for all information regarding the series is on Erik's Google + account. Erik's channel was recently taken over by Atlas, and something has happened to Erik.

Relevant tropes: