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Kaycee is up to something involving Cameron or overall just toying with her.
Oh come on, this is practically canon. She was revealed to be disguised as the interviewer who sent Cameron to the World in the first place, as well as her reoccurring appearances between arcs. She is most definitely going to come into play within future story arcs.

Kaycee is Eris.
The goddess of discord, that is. That apple she had in her first appearance? It turned gold when she dropped the disguise. Plus dropping Cameron as a "foreign object" and natural cause of friction and, well, discord into Safe Haven is definitely in line with Eris' MO...

Zech is a monster.
Venganza alludes to this. Whether this means literally (physically) or figuratively (on the inside) is for you to decide, though the latter is more plausible.
  • I bet he's done something terrible in the past that influenced an incredibly high amount of people.
    • There is a possibility he could be The Atoner and Venganza never lets him live it down.
  • After all, both the staff and student body know nothing about him.

The reason Kaycee tricked Cameron into going to world is because she knows of Cameron's zoophobia and it is a test for Cameron to conquer her weaknesses and live in harmony with animals. It wasn't a mean prank, it's just Kaycee's own way of giving Cameron therapy. Basically, Kaycee is Dr.Robin Zasio from "My Extreme Animal Phobia" Up to 11

I don't think so. There's a lot of people in the world who has zoophobia as well. Why she would pick Cameron? What if in her place was another person with fear of animals? Plus, theres an deleted prologue called "Dream" where we could see Cameron turn into a avian-like creature. Either Cameron has some weird connection to the supernatural or she is some creature(avian, wolf wheatever...)

Jack will get a story arc that is a massive Tear Jerker.

Carrie dated Fabian at one point and he broke her heart
  • Which could explain her dislike of him.
Cameron is going to experience a Tomato in the Mirror moment at some point.
This page finally shows us the dream that Cameron is telling her therapist about on the first page, and one that she's apparently been having for a while. Odds are, it's going to end up being a lot more meaningful than she realizes...

The twins, Leonardo and Vincent will fall victim to Break the Cutie at some point
  • Simon is their brother. Simon is also bound to a vampire. If they find out, do the math. Leonardo especially would become The Woobie after a revelation like this as he's the more vulnerable and emotional of the two.

Vivienne Medrano will work with Don Bluth.
She's clearly a talented animator, and I'm sure she'd like to work on a feature film. Maybe she'll get a chance to animate on the Dragon's Lair movie.

Alanzo is related or has some connection to Panchito Pistoles.
Think about it. Where else have we seen an energetic Hispanic avian with both red feathers AND red clothing?