Trivia / Zoophobia

  • Fan Nickname: Zill, Kayla, Jack, Vanex and Spam have become known as "the Main Gang", or "the Original 5".
    • Sometimes Addison (aka Addi) is also included in the former.
    • Damian, Addison, Sahara, Tom, Gustav, and Mackenzie are generally seen as the "secondary Main" group (especially the first three).
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  • Inspiration Nod: Major Styx's bumbling henchmen Bob and Larry are named after two famous vegetables. In fact, both them and Styx's dynamic is inspired by the dynamic between The Monarch, 21, and 24 from The Venture Bros..
  • Internal Homage: Compare the original comic to the current comic.
  • What Could Have Been: The comic was initially envisioned as a quirky horror/comedy/zombie comic where there were animal students that killed each other like it was no big deal (which was considered Early Installment Weirdness). But then the story eventually progressed into being about silly animals in a silly school, before finally maturing and settling into something a tad more light-hearted though also becoming Darker and Edgier at the same time. The characters were also aged up from elementary students to high school students.
  • Write What You Know: Many of the themes in Zoophobia come from its creator Vivienne Medrano's own life and personal background. Native American and Hispanic themes are prevalent throughout the storyline and various character designs.