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Wii Sports is a ring of designing interesting clones for the entertainment of the dystopian futuristic masses.
The Miis from the Wii's Mii Channel are all made to your specifications, with certain gene sequences and trainable phenotypes that could be ingrained in the cloning and aging process. In Wii Sports, the Miis are pitted against each other in battles reminiscent of unarmed brawls, long-range personal catapault, bomb-rolling, and reenacting battles of legend. The clothing worn by the Miis (including the audience) is extremely simplistic, consisting of a shirt that covers the hands and pants with foot covers attached, such as might be worn for convenience or to denote being part of a "no luxuries' caste in The Future. The reason their facial expressions never change is that they are forced into such awkward grins to appear happy, or at least appear a specific emotion, for the audience, and require surgery to change it.
  • Wii Fit complicates this. The Miis appear to be forced into doing extremely dangerous (sometimes probably lethal, and others definitely at least painful) and possibly humiliaiting things, but they can change their facial expressions and appear to enjoy it despite this.
    • That makes it even worse, actually. They don't realize how horrible their existence is, possibly because their minds were altered.
      • They survive every single thing, to boot. This means that they're forced to do these all the time, possibly feeling pain, but not death. Oh My Freaking God!
      • Or they don't feel any pain at all. It's a much better, nicer theory.
Wii Sports Resort is a cleverly-disguised tech/training demo of Skyward Sword.
The archery and swordfighting minigames are obvious, but Skyward also includes aspects of flying, skydiving, and even bowling. (There may be more, but I haven't gotten that far yet.) Clearly Nintendo has been fine-tuning concepts from Resort for use in Skyward. The only question is whether this was an improvisation on Nintendo's part, or if they planned it like this.
One of the golf courses in Wii Sports original is in Peach's backyard.
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