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The invention of Clappers set the whole thing off.
When Clappers were invented, suicide bombing became a much, much easier thing to do. This, likewise, made it a lot easier to start violent conflicts on issues like abortions. The introduction of this level of conflict was so sudden that, by the time it had developed into a full-fledged war, almost everyone would do almost anything to create a more peaceful state again. There, I think I've finally made sense of the book's premise. There are likely Clappers for other causes, abortion was just the one that rose to America's main internal issue. Radical Islamic terrorist Clappers, and other radically ideological foreign Clappers are probably out there too, they just don't recieve the focus because they're an external problem for America and Unwind focuses on America's internal problems. This would also help to explain the intrigue and confusion that the public has surrounding Clappers - everyone knows that they're important, but no-one knows what they stand for - because ANY cause can use them.
  • The second book confirms this. But not every protesting teenager was a clapper.

Other countries practice unwinding, or at least Canada does
In America's history, people fleeing the government in America have fled to Canada to escape, from runaway slaves to draft evaders. However, none of the people against unwinding ever think of sending children to Canada in order to escape the government. Perhaps Canada practices Unwinding? There is also a newspaper that Connor finds that talks about a "War in Australia", so other countries might be having a war over unwinding or abortion.
  • Confirmed in UnWholly. Not to mention, Divan (the guy that Juvey-cop-turned-parts-pirate Nelson goes to) is hiding in Canada, which is implied to have a too-lax extradition policy.

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Both the WMG's so far became canon in the first sequel.

The "Divided State" is a lie devised by Proactive Citizenry
So far, in Un Wholly, we have learned shocking truths about the nature of Unwinding, such as Tithing Cults were manufactured specifically to support unwinding, the existence of Parts Pirates, the existence of a massive organization called Proactive Citizenry and, most of all, that Unwinding got through not as a solution to end the Heartland War, but to stop all of the unruly "feral teens." Even if there are larger things to figure out in the third book, there is still the largest, cornerstone argument for support towards Unwinding: the "Divided State."

First of all Biology Does Not Work That Way. Unless there is some form of supernatural force different from a soul as understood by Christianity (the only religious view that is explored so far, others are only briefly mentioned), your body parts that aren't the brain don't have a connection to each other like Pro-Unwinding advocates talk about. It also commits the fallacy of composition, since it holds that all of the parts are "alive" so the whole being must be "alive". There is some brief evidence for the "Divided State", but in the case of Tyler, it was the part of a brain. As for Camus, he has the parts of many different brains, along with being made of different body parts that his brain is not used to controlling. If you are thinking about Roland's arm, then it is more likely that Connor is feeling the emotional connection rather than a biological one.

The idea of the Divided State is also similar to WARNING, FLAME BAIT IN SPOILER: Abortion advocates try to apply abstract philosophical terms rather than asking about the logical conclusions and scientific evidence for abstract values like "personhood."

This may be an Un-Twist, since I'm pretty sure most readers believed that the "Divided State" thing was just poppycock made to support Unwinding, but given how much is hidden about the procedure in the first place, it wouldn't surprise me that a Chessmaster-like organization that controls the Juvey-Cops that's already covered up so much information about the doctor that allowed the process to begin with would make up something like this.
  • This is confirmed in Undivided.