Nightmare Fuel / Unwind

  • The whole concept of parents signing over kids to death and the kids have no say.
  • Roland's threatened rape of Risa, just to screw with Connor. Especially since she Hates Being Touched.
  • Tyler begging his parents not to unwind him, with no ability to understand that it's already happened.
  • The unwinding scene with Roland. Yeesh.
  • The So Called "Terror Generation" and "Feral Teens". Imagine the people in power potentially mess up your present and future so badly you'll have no choose but to labor in poverty on a broken planet for a corrupt and money hungry government for decades if it can be fixed at all. Finally you take matters into your own hands, trying to make someone fix things so you can have a decent life. But they just keep arguing over what is or isn't alive, giving nothing to the people who are already here. Then the people meant to protect you, your parents, the police, your government shoot you down in the streets, throw you in jail, and finally condemn you to a Fate Worse Than Death.
  • The eventual fate of Nelson in UnDivided. Being unwound without anesthesia.
  • The organ with eighty-eight living disembodied heads instead of pipes. When a key is pressed one of the heads calls out that note.