Heartwarming / Unwind

  • Towards the end, when Admiral Dunfee, the father of Harlan "Humphrey" Dunfee, and his wife throw a party for their unwound son, inviting everyone who recieved a piece of Harlan.
    • The ultimate crowner, though, goes to the guy who got Harlan's vocal chords. Manly Tears, people.
    The Admiral: Harlan?
    Harlan's Voice: Dad?
  • When Hayden and his team decide they'd rather die in the ComBom than be unwound and begin praying together, each in their own traditions and languages.
  • When Connor is rewound and has trouble communicating, Risa is right there by his side supporting him.
  • At Una and Wil's wedding, Connor asks Cam how he deals with the empty space in your mind that comes from being rewound. Cam gives him honest advice and finally lets go of his grudge against Connor.
  • Friends and total strangers alike coming together to get Lev the organs that he needs to survive, without a single one coming from an Unwind.
    • And Miracolina, the girl who used to despise him and grew to see him as a friend, donated her left kidney.
    • And then there's the fact that the Tashi'nes, who took him in and did what they could to protect him, adopt him without hesitation. After his own family disowned him, it's heartwarming to know that Lev has a family again.