WMG / Tokyo Mew Mew No Hope Left

For the fanfic "Tokyo Mew Mew No Hope Left."

Sakura is a succubus.
Nobody can resist her buxom charms.

Haruko is Sakura's Guardian Angel.
One who gives terrible advice.

It's a troll fic.
Look at it. No sane person would think this would be a good idea.
  • There are certain hints in the text here-and-there that it is, indeed, a troll fic. For instance, the last paragraph of chapter 7 contains: "I really wished that somebody would come to save me from the agony I was going under! I might almost die but they would bring me to life... They'd be my immortal and never die."

The person who posted the above WMG is the author of the fanfic.
Makes sense, doesn't it?

The person who posted the above WMG is the real author of the fanfic.

Troll fic or not, it was written by Tara Gilesbie.