WMG / The Witch's House

The game takes place in an Alternate Universe of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica world.
There are some similarities going on between PMMM and The Witch's House. For instance, Ellen is a Witch whose domain is very similar to a PMMM Witch Barrier, and the cat is very similar to an Incubator.
  • Also, there's a sort of opposite thing for witches going on: In Madoka, a witch is created when a magical girl falls into despair. In The Witch's House, falling into despair is what causes a witch to lose her immortality.
Ellen will not get away scot-free in the end.
Seriously, what are the odds that Viola's father won't eventually realize that his daughter is not actually his daughter? And without supernatural powers to help her (she seems to have lost those when she swapped her body with Viola's), she hopefully will no longer be able to get away with all the murdering she tends to do.
  • Alternatively: the presence of a demon may indicate the presence of a Devil and a God in this setting. Hopefully, Viola is now peacefully in Heaven, while Ellen will have her soul eaten by the "cat" eventually, you know how those things tend to go for people who make deals with demons.
    • Sadly, the Demon could very well have eaten Viola's soul when she was killed...
  • Unfortunately, in the pseudo-third ending, if you investigate the spellbooks in the witch's room, Ellen (in Viola's body) will state "it's not so bad to be powerless for a while". This indicates Ellen might get her powers back sooner or later. And considering Ellen also obtained Viola's memories during the body switch and was desperate to be loved, Viola's father might not catch on so quickly after all.
Viola lived, and will get revenge on Ellen.
  • She was actually saved by the cat, and given a second chance at getting her vengeance. Although magic is hinted to be a part of Ellen, there's no reason why Viola can't learn about magic and how to use it in a witch's house. The magic will empower her still-dismembered form and she'll put all her magical effort to ruin the life of Ellen.
Viola will play the Reaper's Game.
The cat is a reaper for the local game, and took her corpse as a sign of accepting her into the game. It helps that she has status as a determinator. No idea what her entry fee would be, though...
Viola's father killed Viola as a Mercy Kill
  • She lost her legs, her eyes, and her voice, and was in immense pain. Really, at this point, it was a blessing.
The Butterfly is evil
  • Why else would it need to be saved? Why else would you want to save it?
The Black Cat Demon is the Cheshire Cat from Alice Mare.
  • Let’s see: black cat demon, makes pacts with people, greets people with “yo,” eats the souls of children... literally the same character, how did they get away with this?