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Headscratchers: The Witch's House
  • If "Viola" was actually the witch the whole time, wouldn't she know her own house well enough to navigate through it easily, even with the puzzles set up?
    • Try navigating your own house when someone has rigged it with a billion death traps.
    • The house changes its configuration according to the controller's whims. With the Witch's body comes her magic, which Viola turns against Ellen.
  • According to the third pseudo-ending, Ellen gouged her own eyes out and sawed off her own legs "before Viola came to her house". I know Viola's a really nice person, but even then I find it hard to imagine she'd be willing to swap bodies with someone in such a state without even asking what the heck happened...
    • Good Is Dumb sometimes.
    • It was supposed to be for one day, which probably helped Viola decide to go through with it to give her "friend" a day of hapiness.
    • I'm guessing Ellen found some way to hide her condition; maybe she covered her legs with a blanket and wore a hood or sunglasses, so that Viola wouldn't see what she'd done to herself.
      • Confirmed in the side-story, The Diary of Ellen. She covered her eyes with bandages and her legs with a blanket.
  • How does Viola chase Ellen out of the house when she can't see? As in, she both can't see where she's going, and can't see where Ellen's going.
    • Either really good hearing or using magic and/or the house itself to track her.
  • Seriously, how long is Ellen going to be able to fool Viola's father? She has some of Viola's memories, so she may be able to impersonate her for a time, but given that their personalities are polar opposites and Ellen can't seem to resist her cruel and violent nature, I doubt it would be long before Viola's father realized something was very wrong.
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