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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Ciri will appear in the game

One of Game Informer's pics shows a woman with blonde hair - and she is a lot shorter than Geralt, no less. There aren't too many blondes in the Witcher universe, and since this game is supposed to finally deal with the book series' myth arc, it would be appropriate for Ciri to be in the game.
  • This mystery woman also has a witcher's silver sword packed on her horse. Ciri received a Witcher's swordsmanship training regimen.
  • Pretty much confirmed by the E3 trailer.

You will have to choose between Triss or Yennefer

Triss has appeared in the previous two games and is the main female who most gamers would have developed attachment towards, and therefore many are already stating that they will stick with Triss. Yennefer, on the other hand, is the main woman from the books, and has been repeatedly stated to be Geralt's true love. And, of course, the Witcher games have always made sure to have difficult choices.

Since this game is supposed to finally conclude the series, it only makes sense that the events which were foreshadowed for so long would finally happen. Also, the icy times of Ithlinne's Prophecy were already previewed in the first game.
  • The climate is indeed cooling, but to honestly call it the onset of icy times (and not a foreshadowing them heavy snowfall), it would need to be decades after the first game. Flash-forwards from the Saga show a fully functioning society hundred years into the future. On the other hand, it is not impossible that this scene depicts Geralt sent (by Ciri?) into the future.
    • It's also possible that the Wild Hunt is having a hand at hastening the Wolf's Blizzard into a much more immediate threat.

Roche and Iorveth are going to join powers
And this is going to be badass. Moreover, this seems quite real. They obviously respect each other and, if asked during Chapter 2 of Witcher 2, would refer to each other as a Worthy Opponent. Roche is a true blue Northerner and doesn't want to live under the Empire, while Iorveth is still angry over the Empire selling out the Squirrels when they lost the first war; an Enemy Mine situation may exist.

Nilfgaard will have already conquered Temeria, Aedirn and the Pontar Valley by the time this game begins
Aside from making it easier for CD Projekt Red to consolidate the various endings of The Witcher 2 into one starting point for the game world, it's hard to believe that Nilfgaard won't be able to conquer those regions: Aedirn either has no king or a weak one, Temeria is either in civil war or has been recently conquered by Redania and/or Kaedwen and the Pontar Valley is either a recently formed sovereign nation or recently conquered Kaedwen territory. It's hard to believe that those regions will be able to hold out long against the might of Nilfgaard.

The mentioned Sex Face Turn on a sorceress is with Yennefer.
Still amnesiac like Geralt, she wasn't quite as lucky in finding friends that knew her before and was led astray by those who would manipulate her. A roll with Geralt breaks the amnesia.

Geralt will be able to get Dijkstra's help in bringing down Philipa for good

In the books, Dijkstra had to flee Redania when he learned too much about Phil's schemes. He probably holds a grudge, and if anyone is smart enough to beat Phil, it's him.
  • Considering the games' grey morality and multiple choices, it's just as likely that the two might team up, and even that you might team up with them. It doesn't always pay to obsess about old betrayals, and Philippa would have Ciri's best interests in mind, as well, if only for self-serving reasons.

The game's tutorial will take place at Kaer Moerhen, in a Flash Back.
The E3 trailer gave a glimpse of a castle that looked very much like Kaer Moerhen from the first game, but the region the game takes place in is nowhere near the Witchers' fortress in Kaedwen. But one of the big things about the story is Geralt's memory coming back. What better way to demonstrate it, than by flashing back to Geralt's youth as a Witcher in training?

Letho will return.
It could end up being based on an imported save file and the player's choices in the second game, but one of the witchers with Geralt in the Sword of Destiny Trailer lacks sleeves and has some very beefy arms. We don't see much more of him than that, but he's the only witcher in that sequence not shown fighting like Vesemir, Eskel and Lambert. He's also the furthest from Geralt in the shot of them all standing behind Geralt amidst all those monster corpses.
  • I don't thinks so, for two reasons. One, Letho has a 50/50 chance of being dead, and if alive promised that we'd never see him again. Two, the unknown witcher is nowhere near big enough to be Letho. Given that there are supposed to be five witchers of the School of the Viper (four of which are accounted for), and Geralt's flashbacks show four other witchers accompanying him south (three of which are accounted for), I'd give good odds that this mystery fellow is the last of the the Vipers. On an unrelated note, his character model reminds me far more of Berengar, but we all know what's wrong with that theory.
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