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The Vicky from the remake is the same woman as from the original.
It's not just a Mythology Gag that she's played by the same actress and has the same name. After losing Mitch to his ex-wife, Vicky marries another man and has Meredith. She encourages her daughter to be a Gold Digger too only to have her lose her meal ticket in the same way.
  • What are the odds that a mother and daughter would go through the same ordeal with a potential husband and his split-apart/recently reunited twins?!
    • The family is cursed. Plus, it wouldn't be the first sequel to repeat the plot from the first film in a contrived way.
    • They are the same woman. Same actress, at least.

Hallie is gay.
She seems distracted by both the model at the studio and Meredith, and then there's how she acts around tie-dye girl.
"That's my kind of woman."