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Fridge: The Parent Trap
  • Fridge Horror: Pictures torn in half, no mention of your other parent, meeting a look-a-like at camp, being shipped halfway across the world- only to discover you've been lied to by EVERYONE. Imagine the therapy sessions (if the movies weren't Disney, that is).
    • This troper in particular couldn't manage to enjoy the movie because she doesn't find it sweet and tender at all, but horrifying. Seriously, what were those selfish parents thinking?!
    • Towards the end of the remake, the parents are planning a schedule for swapping the daughters so each parent gets to spend time with each daughter. Excpet for one thing... did it occur to them that the two daughters might like to see each other and spend time together at some points?!
      • Listen carefully and you'll realize they're talking about different holidays, implying that each girl would be visiting at times when the other girl is home.
    • I just wonder how horrified the kids will be when they realize that their own parents know so little about them that they were the last ones to notice the switch.
      • Well, wasn't that the point? They taught each other so much about themselves that they could pass off as each other. Hallie is only found out when her grandfather decided to follow her when she goes for an OOC walk immediately after an OOC moment of being able to taste wine as if she grew up on a vineyard. She doesn't really act OOC on any other occasion infront of her mother, so her mother is forgiven. Plus, given she's been away for 8-weeks at a camp, it's easy to explain slight changes in character (especially as she's a teenager). Same goes for Annie. Annie was only found out because she told Chessy. Chessy was suspicious of her, but didn't really honestly believe she was Annie until she said. If both of the girls tried harder, they could've got away for longer. Their mother only found out when Hallie told her, and her father only found out when he saw both of them.
  • How much therapy would their Mother have had to go through though? Yes, she couldn't control the outcome of the custody agreement, but many mothers have a deep connection with their children, and miss their children to an almost painful level when they're gone for just a few days, much less years, much less ten years. Can you imagine the guilt and emotional and psychological pain that Elizabeth would have gone through after loosing Hallie to Nick?
    • Well by all accounts, that was the agreement they decided on. From what other characters say, it's implied Elizabeth was a bit vindictive when she was younger. She gave up one of her daughters so she'd never have to see Nick again. And if you take note of how she completely falls apart when she finds out Annie is actually Hallie - and the following drinking binge on the plane - it's clear she hasn't had much therapy.
  • Try watching this movie in a post-9/11 world. The girls are presumably able to switch passports and tickets to fly as each other to London or California without a hitch. Think of the implications now—how easy would it be for twins to abuse this idea at airports for less innocent purposes?
    • Or more likely be found out before even meeting their respective parents.
  • In either movie, when the father first see's his ex-wife his first question is along the lines of "WTF are YOU doing here". Not even a thought about his lost daughter until she appears before him.
    • Presumably that would have been the next question if the girls had not shown up.
      • No indication that the conversation was going in that direction in either movie. He started arguing in the Mill's version and spoke about his wedding in the Lohan version.

  • Fridge Logic: In the Lindsay Lohan version it is established that Sammy the dog is far more friendly to Hallie than he is to Annie. So when the parents couldn't tell them apart why didn't they just bring the dog in and see which girl he ran to?
    • Well, maybe to fix that Hallie would get Sammie friendly with Annie so he liked him when they get back?
    • From my limited experience with children, I've learned that when they're being difficult and you're on a deadline, you aren't the most rational person. I'm sure the dog was the last thing Hallie and Annie's parents were thinking about when they had the stress of trying to get one home, the other planning a wedding and them both having to deal with each other for the first time in years.
    • I don't think Nick had noticed that the dog didn't like Annie (when she was disguised as Hallie) because Sammy is mostly looked after by Chessy, not Nick so only Chessy had picked up on Sammy's behaviour and by that point in the film Chessy wasn't going to suggest it as she's on board with the girls' plan.
    • Also, originally, the only reason that Sammy disliked Annie was because she was a stranger. By the time they all ended up at the resort, Annie had probably spent enough time with him to make him warm up to her.
  • Why would an English child go to an American Summer Camp?
    • That's not terribly uncommon—the northeastern US is notorious for having a ton of summer camps. A lot of them also recruit counselors in England and other European countries, so it's not unreasonable to assume that kids would come over, too.
  • What kind of camp has an isolation cabin as a punishment? So, kids who misbehave end up having their parents' money wasted for an entire summer without the parents' knowledge? Wouldn't the camp just kick them out and send them home rather than wasting resources on kids who won't be using them?
    • It's some old BS about forcing them to come to an understanding so they'll start being nice to each other. It's more Fridge Horror when you think about what would happen if they tried this in an obvious one-sided case of bullying.
      • Who says they would? Also, campers probably only have to stay in the cabin until "the problem is resolved". The twins would have pretended they were still fighting, having themselves restricted for longer and longer, because they needed to spend most of their time together in order to prepare for the switch.
      • You don't have much experience with bullying do you?

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