Funny / The Parent Trap

Hayley Mills version:

  • Fridge Humor but still: Ms. Inch having trouble with her opening speech. She's got the thing on cuecards and has presumably given the exact same speech every year for decades, but still can't remember it without help.
    • It goes Up to Eleven when she says her name, then has to consult the cards to make sure that really is her name.
  • Ms. Inch holds a cake over her head during the food fight, only to stick it to a carved bird above her. She pulls down an empty plate, then quizzically looks up. Cue cake splat.
    • Doubles as a Moment of Awesome. Admit it, you wanted her to get a cake in the face.
  • The little girl who has somehow caught a skunk and now wants to take it home as a pet.
  • Sharon (as Susan) has only had one conversation with Verbina, and has immediately adopted her mannerisms for the conversation with Vikki at the pool.
  • The pastor after meeting Maggie:
    Pastor: Delightful woman! Charming! It's amazing he ever let her slip away! (Cue Vicki and her mother turning around and giving him twin death glares)
  • Just Maggie's Magnificent Bitch interactions with Vikki and her mother.
  • Vikki screaming and losing it after seeing two baby bears licking her honey covered feet.

Lindsay Lohan version:

  • In the background of the camp storyline is a subplot involving a boy who mistook the camp for a boy's-only affair and spends the whole time lamenting the mistake. By the end, he's reassuring the girls (who've taken to him) he will return next year.
  • "I always wanted a big sister!" said about the woman her father is going to marry.
  • After the heartwarming scene where Hallie tells Elizabeth who she really is:
    Elizabeth: You're not to worry darling. I'll take care of everything. (Gilligan Cut) I'm sorry! I can't handle this!
    • Hallie corpsing during the above scene, and Annie doing the same thing when seeing her butler in a speedo.
  • Martin is a proper English butler most of the time. However, during the trip to America he's dressed in a leather jacket, black jeans and steel-toed motorcycle boots with mirror shades, giving the impression that he is a middle-aged former punk. And, of course, he has no issue with putting on a tiny Speedo to take a dip in the hotel pool.
  • Drunk Elizabeth. The introduction is Martin opening the limo door for her and holding out his hand...which she puts her bare foot in.
    Martin: Um...other end, madam.
    Elizabeth: Whoops! That was a great flight, wasn't it? I mean it was so quick.
    Martin: I've never seen you quite so thirsty, ma'am.
    Elizabeth: Well would you believe, Martin, that I'd never tasted vodka before this trip?
    Martin: Could have fooled me, ma'am.
    Elizabeth: Come on then, let's rock and roll.
    Hallie: *beat* I am in such major trouble here.
    • And after she sees Nick in the elevator, and in her own words "waving like a mindless idiot", cut to her angrily storming down a corridor and yelling out "Hallie Parker!" - the opposite doors open and both twins step out thinking she means them.
    "Don't do this to me. I'm already seeing double."
  • Joanna Barnes' cameo as Meredith's mother. Lindsay's expression totally makes the scene.
    Vicki Blake: Hello pet! you may call me Aunt Vicki!
  • Elaine Hendrix's fantastic reaction to discovering that the girls are twins. Hallie appears on one side and Annie on the other. She jumps back and forth between them screaming, not sure what's going on.
    Nick: Honey, did I ever mention that Hallie was a twin?
    Meredith: No, I'm afraid you forgot that little detail.
    Hallie: Don't worry, Meredith. He never mentioned it to me either.
  • After the mom in the movie gets completely smashed on the plane ride over from London, she goes to the hotel bartender who gives her a Hideous Hangover Cure. The new woman sits beside her, and after she takes her first sip, she lets out a large belch. New woman looks a little surprised, and she quickly responds with "I beg your pardon, I think I just drank... tar."
  • When Meredith and meets with her "half" of the family, she's a little nonplussed to discover they brought Sammie, who decides to introduce himself to her as an Evil-Detecting Dog. Chessy takes it with a smile.
    "Good doggy. So, Meredith!"
  • Meredith, floating on her air mattress in the middle of the lake, screaming bloody murder for her fiancee. Nick pokes his head out of the tent to see what on earth. His reaction: "Aw, man." Doesn't sound so funny when read, but Dennis Quaid's delivery is priceless.
    • Plus his response to her incoherent screams of fury. He just looks mildly surprised. And his explanation to Elizabeth:
    Nick: *holding his engagement ring* She threw this at my head. At least it's smaller than a hair dryer.
  • Hallie bumping into her granddad after he figures out the truth:
    Hallie: Uh oh...
    Grandfather: 'Uh oh,' yes. Now, why say you and I take a stroll in the park, young lady?
    Hallie: Okay.
    Grandfather: Now... what's this all about?
    Hallie: Well, it's a long story...
    Grandfather: Well, it's a very big park and we've got plenty of time, you know.
  • Pretty much any scene Chessy and Martin are in together.
  • When Nick falls into the pool, Martin takes a picture while everyone else freaks out.
  • Chessy's reaction to discovering that the girl she thought was Hallie is actually Annie, just as Nick is walking in. She starts with a reasonably convincing insistence that nothing is wrong, before quickly breaking down in tears and then flat-out bawling.
    Chessy: I'm going to make you something special to eat. What would you like? Anything? You know what, it doesn't matter, I'm just going to go whip up everything we've got, OK?
  • After Annie-as-Hallie's tirade about her father marrying Meredith, Nick turns to Chessy who's watching through the kitchen window.
    Suspiciously closes shutters.
  • Elizabeth and Chessy watching in glee after Meredith is coerced into going on a camping trip with Nick and the twins.
    Chessy: Oh, I would pay big money to see that woman climb a mountain.
  • While the scene where Hallie tells the truth to Elizabeth is a massive Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, the moment ends on a hilarious note when it cuts to show that Grandfather and Martin witnessed the entire thing. Martin, who is outright sobbing, exclaims "I've never been so happy in my entire life!", before bawling even more as Grandfather, with a hilarious expression on his face, closes the doors to Elizabeth's room to give her and Hallie some alone time.