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LollyPop LollyPop and SurrenderDorothy are Nina Howard and Leona Lansing, respectively.
And the "death threat" comment was actually from Charlie Skinner. He was very, very drunk at the time.

Charlie Skinner is really Jack McCoy, who was forced to assume a new identity and career after having a bounty put on his head when he had a terrorist convicted.

Charlie Skinner is really a Time Lord.
Cause he wasn't going to get away with that bowtie without the reference being made.

Both Will and Mac are mutants.
Will's joke about being psychic in the Season 2 premiere? It wasn't a joke. Also, in the same episode, Mac pushes Will up against a wall with one hand and very little apparent effort, indicating that she is stronger than she looks.

The first season finale will feature a story propelling the show into an Alternate Continuity.
  • I came here to post that exact theory, and I'd LOVE it to go down that way, because the best parts of the show (the actual news stories) have predetermined outcomes.
  • You can bet your ass it will be called "And What Kind Of A Day Has It Been", too.
    • Jossed!
    • "What Kind of Day Has it Been". And yes, very disappointing that he skipped it.

The series finale will be Will and the Koch Brothers engaged in a life-or-death struggle as they go over the Reichenbach Falls.

One of those glass doors at ACN is going to break.
  • Just look at those things! Bunch of people walking around in a huff or avenging Jim's forehead, one of those panes is going to get shattered sooner or later.
    • Architectural glass is tempered to avoid that; you'd have to hit it with something sharp, metal, and *heavy* to get it to break.

At one point, an episode will talk about SOPA.
  • This show has already had a viewpoint concerning Gabrielle Giffords being shot, the earthquake in Japan, even the BP Oil Spill. And, it would also be a ballsy thing to do, since many newsstations didn't cover it (because the channels they were on supported it).
    • There is a plot point about a congressional meeting regarding SOPA in the first episode of season two.
Someone will do the Sexy Shirt Switch with the Newt Gingrich sweatshirt from the mock debate.
Just because it would be funny.

Both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report do not exist in this universe
  • One, Neither of those shows have not been mentioned, not even in passing. Two, It seems that Newsnight is replacing the shows' places in the public arena.
    • They do get mentioned, when Maggie is reading out loud some of the Anthony Wiener tweets.
    • Newsnight is a news talk show, the likes of which The Colbert Report and The Daily Show riff on. Please don't be holding up two shows on Comedy Central as your nightly news source.
    • I had been waiting for this to shake out one way or the other. John Oliver ended up on *the set of The Newsroom*, with Jeff Daniels, who noted that he was Just An Actor. So from TDS's side, it's just a show. Which fails to explain why the Newsroom cast never appeared on his show, since their premise is right in Stewart's wheelhouse.

Jim Harper will die during the course of Season Two
  • It would explain a bit about Maggie's apparent trauma.
    • No way. Gary's going to die in Africa.
  • Jossed; he testifies.
  • Because it's there and anyone who can't see it hasn't been on this site long enough.
    • Jossed: Sloan and Don get together

Jim Carrey will make a cameo as a rival news anchor
  • And not only that, he'll be making up his stories ala Dan Rather.

Operation Genoa is real after all.
The government set up a news network with false evidence, so they would report it. Then they would release other evidence that seemingly disproves the network and now nobody will ever be able to report on it anymore (especially not the folks at ACN), because nobody would believe them and they would look like idiots.
  • It's possible this is the case, although it's unlikely to ever be addressed in the show. The Operation Tailwind allegation, on which Genoa is based, was never conclusively disproven - it was merely decided that there wasn't enough evidence to stand by the story. This is very similar to the status of Genoa after season 2. The only evidence left that Genoa happened is the interviews with the soldiers, which are both unreliable for different reasons, the twitter reports, and the report by the NGO worker. On top of that, we the audience know that the General did indeed say "It happened", even though he refused to say anything on tape. What we don't know is whether further examination of the NGO worker and the twitter user devalued the evidence further (I think the lawyer said that the twitter user was still alive, but oddly little was made of this. How did they find him/her? What did he/she say to explain the tweets?). From what saw on the show though, there certainly isn't sufficient evidence to prove sarin wasn't used.
    • Even off camera, the General is an unreliable/unconfirmed source. The conversation between Stomtonovich and Dantana goes: "You understand we're going to ask about Operation Genoa - and that it was a classified mission?" "Yes." "And you're going to confirm it happened." "It happened." Regardless of whether sarin gas was involved, Operation Genoa did happen. He never definitively says that the operation included chemical weapons, though.

Maggie and Jim will get together in season 3, Neal will get romantically involved with either Lisa or Jenny.
Seriously, the Jim/Maggie sexual tension is getting pretty intense so there has to be some payoff next season. Also it's about time that Neal finally starts being more then just the token geek.
  • Confirmed