WMG / Team Umizoomi

DoorMouse will become the Hero in a future episode!

  • If Umi Car was the Hero in The Great Umi City Race and then the Distressed Dude in The Umi Car Rescue, The opposite will happen to DoorMouse (he was already the Distressed Dude in DoorMouse in Space, he'll become the hero sometime in the future.)

Team Umizoomi takes place in the same universe as Wonder Pets and Blue's Clues.

  • It actually makes sense, despite the different styles, because most of the humans are live action.

Fridge Brilliance: Zilch is a Goblin

  • I've thought about this for a long time, and wondered "Is Zilch a goblin?" Apparently, according to the other wiki. Our Goblins Are Different, explaining why Zilch isn't so greedy as your usual goblin.

Abut Big Trouble's hair...

Big Trouble used to have even hair like Little Trouble. At some point, there was an incident, during either their first meeting with Team Umizoomi or an event prior to that, that cause reasonably-sized chunks of his hair to be cut-off. Afterwords, he was left with an uneven haircut and a grudge.