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Each story choice in the Alpha series is connected to the next game

In Alpha 3, each character's storyline features the appearance of a protagonist from Alpha 2, effectively continuing their storyline. Alpha, by contrast, had eight templates from which the player chose two. But, going by their characterizations in the Original Generation games, you can draw a continuation line of the Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 stories to one of each pairing:
  • Kusuha's storyline, of course is the most obvious, as it's her and Bullet through all three games. Super Robot Storyline, with Kusuha as the main character and Bullet as her SO.
  • The second line, going from Sanger Zonvolt to Touma Kanou would start with Tasuku and Leona, with the Super Robot storyline.
  • The third storyline, Arado and Seolla to Cobray Gordon, starts in Alpha with Yuuki and Carla with the Real Robot storyline.
    • Arado and Seolla in Alpha 2 AND Original Generation 2 start off on the Bad Guys' side (While Cobray is originally a Balmarian). That means the four of them are teammates and members of the Neo DC in Original Generation 2, and you even have to fight all four of them in some early missions.
  • The fourth line, Ibis to Selena, of course began with Ryoto and Rio, Real Robot storyline.
    • Both Ibis and Ryoto don't like fighting all that much, but will readily do so when needed. Plus, they both have an interest in working more peacefully with their mecha. Also, they're both matched up with someone who often considers them a rival (Rio and Sleigh, respectively).

Sanger Zonvolt is the father of Alicia Testarossa
Don't ask me how Precia got to him, or at least his genetic material, but there's no other explanation for Fate having a sword like that. the resemblance is just uncanny.
  • Alternativly, Precia used Lemon's W-series data to build Fate; specifically, Wodan Ymir, as he is the one who despite being a Clone/Robot behaved like his former self.
  • New theory to explain the Testarossa girls' appearance and general A CHAR-ness, as well as Alicia's other parent. Alicia Testarossa was the product of a trans-dimensional fling between Precia and Elzam Branstein (henceforth known as Trombe!Char), either before he was married or less likely after he was widowed. When Precia was creating Fate, she decided to due the ironic supervillain thing and use Lemon Browning's data on Sanger Zonvolt, Elzam's Heterosexual Life Partner, to enhance Fate's (henceforth known as Loli!Char or Yuri!Char) combat mage skills beyond their already considerable genetic potential. This means that if Alicia ever were revived, she and Fate would have an awesome combination attack.
    • Real sisters ride each other? ...that didn't sound right.
      • To me it sounds very, very right indeed.
    • This also explains Fate's attraction to Nanoha. All that we need is Nanoha to perform a TROMBE! interrupt and it will come full circle.
  • Sanger is also clearly related to Zest.
  • And Signum is clearly a remodeled Lamia... which leads us to the WMG entry below.
  • If we use the Alpha timeline instead of the OG line (or just mash both together...) one could assume that because of Cobray's sliding Shishio Guy could have ended up in Midchilda. If he just so happened to get a checkup from Quint (Subaru and Ginga's mother), the scientist/mage could have gotten a very useful DNA sample. Thus why Subaru and Ginga have DNA so willing to accept Cybernetic parts.

Seolla was given her Gag Boobs to raise Arado's morale
Come on, you know it to be true

Sanger Zonvolt and Klaus Wulfenbach are distantly related. Also, Sanger is a minor Spark.
They look a lot alike and are both Germanic. Also, Wulfenbach sparks are said to like big machinery... and nothing tops the Zankantou for that. Also would explain both Sanger's ability to make his robot and those around it utterly defy physics, e.g. breaking the supposedly unbreakable Earth Cradle and his compelling voice (When Sanger tells you to shut up and listen, you do.)
  • This theory is either the most terrifying or the most awesome thing I have ever read. Probably both.
  • Interesting suggestion. On that note, are Sparks and Psychodrivers related?

Ingram wanted to be Ryusei's father or at least father figure

If you think about it Ingram put the most focus of the SRX team on to Ryusei at some point after here release Ingram kept watch over Yukiko Date and grew attached to her young son Ryusei and he observed him as he grew in doing so he grew attached to the kid and looked on his life as a Balamar puppet paying attention to Ryusei's love of anime he commissioned the SRX as a super robot Ryuseis favorite one at the time may have been a transform and combine so that may have influenced that factor he also had the R-1 take its shape from seeing Ryusei's Burning PT preference his skill being good enough to catch the militarys eye is a very happy moment for Ingram who takes Ryusei under his wing and tries to shape himself into an Anime-esq captain Real robot style hoping this will give him the Father to His Men vibe that will win Ryusei in to seeing him as a surrogate father but then stage 30 happens he is called back he is confident that his "Son" Ryusei will set him free this is also why he focuses on Ryusei more than the SRX team in general its because he want to be felled by his surrogate son upon dying his last request was to oversee the SRX team or more specifically Ryusei this is also why Villeta spends most her time with Ryusei

Sanger is the reincarnarnation of a Demonbane, possibly the Elder God Demonbane itself
Both have "Sword That Cleaves Evil" as their nickname. Also, Sanger is capable of doing Impossible things like cleaving the Ganeden or harm Keisar Ephes with only an Earth Produced Super Robot.The Zankantou might be a "much weaker" form of shinning trahepozedron or the Scimitar of Barzai. after all, it was implied that "there's a Demonbane that reincarnated as a human" and maybe the EG Demonbane is capable to do so.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Demonbane creator Jin Haganeya told via twitter, when he was a child, that he nicknamed his Grungust from Super Robot Wars 4 into said Demonbane. Guess which mecha Sanger pilots first?