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Trivia: Super Robot Wars Alpha

Super Robot Wars Alpha

  • The Titans keep trying to jack Divine Crusader hardware as a means of keeping it and the SDF-1 as a whole, so as to prevent themselves from being screwed over later. This backfires horribly because the heroes keep beating them up, and the Zentradi, Angels, and Aerogaters showing up really doesn't help their cause. But really, it's because Trieze Khusrenada doesn't like Jamitov Hymen; he even runs interference for the SDF-1 at one point.
  • The Zeta Gundam is based off of data from the Wing Gundam. Similarly, the NT-1 is a prototype used to test the linear seat cockpit system for the Nu Gundam.
  • Shin Getter Robo shows off its power by wiping out Bardiel possessing Unit-03 with a Stoner Sunshine, thus allowing Touji to survive intact and lessen Shinji Ikari's Heroic BSOD.
    • The other Angels are fellow beings that had cast off the form of humanity from the Protoculture.
  • The Campbellians and the Bozanians are effectively vassal states of the Aerogaters/Balmarians. The Jupiter Empire (a combination of the Zanscare Empire and the Crossbone Vanguard) and Shapiro Keats ally with them in an attempt to take over Earth.
  • Garuda realizes he's just a robot his mother made for Euzeth Gozzo.
  • Euzeth uses Ingram Prisken to influence Gendo Ikari into reading the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • Jamitov and Gihren Zabi are secretly using each other to springboard their own plans for space/global domination, while overtly opposing each other with paper resistance.
  • The AEUG/Karaba become a legitimately recognized military unit under the 13th Autonomous Corps Londo Bell designation, and are more or less given immunity from harassment by being made part of the SDF-1 forces (or such is the idea), and Generals Oka and Igor are their allies in the Earth Federation, obstructing the Titans from screwing them over.
  • Before the mass-produced Evangelions show up, Asuka Soryu Langley destroys the remaining Titans. When the Evangelions defeat her and the Unit-02, Shinji and the Alpha Numbers arrive to turn the tables against them.
  • Archduke Gorgon received the Gilgilgan from Ingram. It turns out that Gilgilgan is a creature the Aerogaters created out of a captured Space Monster.
  • Roy Fokker is given an option to show the Zentradi the meaning of romance, courtesy of sucking face with Kaifun of all people (out of a possible list of three candidates: Hikaru Ichiyjo, Kaifun, and Lynn Minmei).
  • At one point, the Third Angel is making short work of Neo-Tokyo 3 when a man in a snappy suit and a cigar steps out, and manages to fight the Godzilla-sized monster to a standstill with his bare hands. That man is Alberto the Shockwave. He also does this to a Jegan piloted by a Federation mook and destoys it.
  • Mio Sasuga makes a cameo in this game.
  • The Titans survive past the death of Paptimus Scirocco; in fact, Scirocco never takes over the Titans. Being a plant for the Jupiter Empire, he takes his followers from within the Titans (Sarah Zabirov and Yazan Gable among them) and defects back to the Jupiter/Balmar alliance late in the game.
  • Though Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack characters and units appear, none of the plot elements do. Instead, all of what would be Char Aznable's Neo-Zeon characters and mobile suits are deployed by either Haman Karn's Neo-Zeon or Gihren's Principality of Zeon. To fully illustrate the chronological clusterfuck that is the Universal Century Gundam continuity here, Puru Two pilots the Alpha Aziel in defense of the Gryps Colony Laser at A Baoa Qu.
  • Bernard Monsha is assigned to train Usso Ewin in space combat. He loses to Usso in a simulator match.

Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden

  • The Titans try to jack the Combattler V and Shin Getter Robo, but fail.
  • Gym Ghingham blames Amuro Ray and Char for causing the Black History.
    • Not exactly: what Gym said is because of the heroes of the past, specifically Amuro and Char, the Black History came to happen. Admittedly, the Black History was a bit different here...
  • The Innocents somehow manages to get a hold of Rosamia Badam and Puru Two, forcing them onto their side.
  • Guin Sard Lineford uses the Psyco Gundam and calls it the "Black Doll", a Shout-Out to the Turn A novelization where he does the same.
  • Jamil Neate and Gym once fought together (notably, Jamil allied himself with the Moonrace).
  • The Dinosaur Empire are mortal enemies with the Ancestors, as well as the Getters.
  • Minmei is held hostage by Jamitov, so she could give support to his coup d'etat of the Earth Federation Army.
  • The Moon Cradle is the home of D.O.M.E.
  • Bernard Monsha is asked to serve as combat instructor to the Earth Militia. He loses to Sochie in mock battle.
  • The Breakers and Vultures are hired guns of the Gallia and Ameria Innocent factions.
  • Ennil El's father was murdered by the Innocents.
  • The Vertigo's Bits attack is based off of funnel technology. Likewise, the G-Bits are apparently a fusion of Gundam and Mobile Doll tech.
  • The Machine Cells are the Earth-based version of the Aerogater's Zyflud crystals.
  • The post-Black History earth has very low prana, stunting the effectiveness of the Masou Kishin mechs.
    • Speculation: though the Aura Battlers aren't in Alpha Gaiden, since Byston Well tech runs on a similar premise, it can be safely assumed they would fare poorly as well.
  • The Earth Cradle was a halfway finished backup plan of Bian Zoldark's that was scrapped, and later continued by the Nubia Connection for its leader, Khamen Khamen. Khamen uses it in case his operation to blow up Jupiter gets royally screwed. The Ancestors are born as a result of the security system of the Earth Cradle going haywire, screwing Khamen over by default.
  • Khamen is on speaking terms with the Moonrace leader Agrippa Maintainer and Dekim Barton, until he kills both of them when he no longer needs their help.
  • The Mariemeia Army is a remnant of the Organization of Zodiac collaborating with the Titans obstensibily to get the remnants of the Romafeller Foundation back into power. In reality, they're lying through their teeth and planning to use Operation Meteor to blackmail the Titans and Preventers into submission, and want to subvert Operation Aegis to save themselves and their supporters. The Titans are pretty much doing the same thing.
  • Midgard attempts to hijack the GP-02 Physalis for use as a trump card for the Ghingham Army, but is stopped by the Preventers.
  • The Innocent and Moonrace are bitter enemies, despite both having fled to space after the Dinosaur Empire ravages the planet.
  • General Bat somehow can pilot the Shin Getter Robo. The Alpha Numbers get it back with the help of the ∀ Gundam.
    • He does so through sheer determination. He actually is dying while piloting it.
      • This may be a possible Shout-Out to the Getter Robo manga, where three Dinosaur Empire soldiers stole the Getter Robo G and were able to pilot it without any real problems.
  • Char's reason for colony dropping Axis in Alpha 2 is more or less born out of seeing the records of the Black History. He repeatedly lampshades through the rest of Alpha Gaiden that he's seriously wondering if humanity really is doomed to eternally screw themselves over and over again, which provides the convenient bridge to his Face-Heel Turn in Alpha 2.
  • The Frost Brothers are pulling off the same scheme on the Moonrace and the Innocents as they did in After War Gundam X, which is essentially get both sides to kill each other as payback for them not being picked as anything other than Category-F Newtypes.
  • Like in Super Robot Wars 3, if certain requirements are met Shu Shirakawa is the True Final Boss. However, if the difficulty is set on Easy, the player will not fight [[spoiler:Shu; instead, Shu pulls a Heel-Face Turn and stops the incoming shockwave with the Neo Granzon.
  • After the group is sent to the future, Sayaka and Musashi are rendered MIA for a long time. It's later revealed they are being held hostage by Archduke Gorgon, at which point he desires to use them as human shields. Banjou Haran coldly and honestly declares he doesn't care how many people he'll have to kill, he won't let Gorgon live in this world anymore. His delivery is so bitter and cold it forces Gorgon to back down and hand over Sayaka, Musashi and Daitarn's support crew, no strings attached.
  • Egret Fehu seems to know that if the shockwave successfully devastated Earth, the Mycene Empire, Dinosaur Empire and their army of mechabeasts will attack. As a countermeasure, he baited the Mycene Empire into attacking South Atalia, knowing that Tetsuya Tsurugi, the person with the most experience in fighting the Mycene Empire and the best pilot alive, is the only person left on Earth amongst the Alpha Numbers, who will defend the place. As a result, he used his battle data as a reference for his project that results in the creation of the Machinery Children.

Super Robot Wars Alpha 2

Super Robot Wars Alpha 3


  • The Danza: Rio is voiced by Rio Natsuki.
  • Fan Nickname: In Japan, Nilpha and Salpha for Alpha 2 and Alpha 3, respectively.
  • Fan Translation: Done by Aeon Genesis for Alpha Gaiden. Still something of an Obvious Beta, as admitted by the creator, the game is playable from start to finish, despite some bugged text strings. It's quite accurate to the original translation, even pulling a Pragmatic Adaptation to keep a joke from Combat Mecha Xabungle intact.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!
  • Marth Debuted in Smash Bros.: Super Robot Spirits sold roughly 10,000 units in Japan and was a No Export for You. Many players never knew Levi Tolar made her debut in Spirits when she appeared in Alpha.
  • Name's the Same: Miwa Uzuki or Miwa Sakimori? Thank god the former can be referred as "Micchi"...
  • No Export for You: A very frustrating example as a translation of the Sega Dreamcast version of Alpha WAS in the works at some point (spurred on largely by the fact it was ready for release at the height of the popularity of New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, and the general anime boom in America), but contractual disputes killed it, regardless.
    • To be specific, the exact reason it was canned was because Harmony Gold said "no", as they did not want Super Dimension Fortress Macross to be brought to the US, thus interfere with Robotech sales (even though Robotech had ended a decade earlier). They were the only licensing company to say no on the deal, and Banpresto couldn't just dummy out the units as Macross is integral to the game's plot.
  • Relationship Voice Actor
  • What Could Have Been: Quite a few, mostly revealed by Banpresto around the time of Alpha 3 and during the production of Super Robot Wars Z.
    • Originally, Banpresto wanted King of Braves GaoGaiGar from the start, with Alpha covering the first-half of the series, Alpha 2 the second-half, and Alpha 3 covering King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL (Alpha Gaiden wasn't part of the original plan).
    • They also wanted to bring back Giant Robo in Alpha 3, with an original storyline where Big Fire tries to get his hands on Irui and ends up with the Nashim Gan Eden. Unfortunately, the death of creator Mitsuteru Yokoyama caused his estate to raise the licensing fee greatly, so plans had to be abandonednote .
    • Hacking of the Alpha 3 disc revealed sprites for several machines from Gundam Sentinel, which would have been a natural follow-up to the Titans storyline from the previous games. Fans suspect it was removed when Mobile Suit Gundam SEED was added (which Word of God said was pretty much a mandate from above based off of the show's popularity).
      • The sprites were Dummied Out from the Alpha 2 disk. It turns out the "mandate from above" was "mandate from Word of God", who was a huge fan of the show and put it in the moment he could.
    • The songs from Macross 7 were originally planned to be fully voiced and not just a line or two. Sadly, Word of God dropped that when they realized that licensing the music from the show is apparently more expensive than the entire series itself.
    • Just the general fact the first game was being not just considered but substantially worked on for a localization at one point. International fans were so close to having the best series in the franchise in English that it's almost painful.

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