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Sonic R is about the capabilities of human achievement.

Compare the lyrics of Living in the City, "where everything is free" and Work It Out, where "nothing in this world comes for free". Clearly, we've got to put forth the effort to make life more liveable for everyone. Technology and innovation can help, but we've got to do our part and contribute to our world. We can't be Robotniks and have machines for everything, we've got to work ourselves like Sonic and company.
  • "Work it out. Think about it. You've got to make 'it' real."
  • "Where everything is free. Can't you see?"
  • Livin' In The City is more like "everything is free IF you can do the work." the song also includes the lines "You know you have to survive, you've got to keep the dream alive." That implies that things can only be free if you know how to help yourself to them, which means that, indeed, "Nothing in this world comes for free." "You have to make it what you want."

The Tails Doll is Mephiles
Before the Duke got him.

It was, in fact, Sega who written the Tails Doll creepypasta.
They had it in mind the whole time.