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The albino mutants are distant descendants of crew awakened centuries ago
Mutations that drastic can't have happened to an adult organism, jumpstarted evolution or not. When the Elysium landed it automatically woke a couple hundred colonists and they couldn't escape the ship so they stayed and evolved into albino cannibals.
  • Actually, I believe that's exactly what happened. According to Leland's story Gallo had been playing games with the colonists for centuries.
    • Actually, he wasn't playing them for centuries, cause he just stayed for a few years and then went back to cryo sleep. The albinos in the film are the descendants of cannibalistic colonists he twisted and sent to the cargo hold. The accelerator was meant to help humans adapt to Tanis' conditions; instead the crazy colonist's descendants adapted to a dark ship.
  • That means they are not mutants since they are not a product of mutation.
    • Technically, all biological evolution is just genetic mutations (i.e. a change in the genome). It's a matter of whether the change is beneficial or not.
  • Mutation didn't happened to adult organism, but to their children and grandchildren. Also, I think that hunters sleeping in a core room, probably for generations, might have some effects too - radiation anyone? Maybe too weak for noticeable effect during one lifetime, but after hundreds of years of exposure, who knows...

The Tanis Colonists will evolve into fish-people
  • Well, they did land in an ocean. Land wasn't too far away but still they're going to be doing a lot of swimming salvaging the Elysium.
    • Impossible. Evolution does not happen in an individuals life time but through over the course of successive generations. That why Gallo who was awake for decades never transformed.
      • And salvaging a ship that size could take centuries without heavy equipment.

The whole film is the dream of Bower the night before the start of the mission.
  • His girl friend did just dump him. This brought on a nightmare about how his mission could go. Think about it-the film seems to be completely based around how sucky life could get for Bower, and then he meets a beautiful girl and he saves her numerous times. Then they find out life is not all that bad and they get to live on a foreign planet for the rest of their life.

Alternatively, the whole film is a hallucination of Bower's brought on by Pandorum
  • Just like the last case, he began to believe the ship was 'cursed'. In his case, the curse was one of cannibalistic zombie goblins.

Earth was never destroyed
  • Gallo thought that it was as a result of Pandorum, and subsequently told everyone he released. He may even have killed his fellow crew mates specifically because he genuinely thought they were crazy for denying that Earth was gone. There is, after all, little that could cause Earth to literally vanish from a map, and Gallo seems to be the only witness to that. Even if some horrible catastrophe did befall Earth, it could still be Pandorum that let Gallo believe Earth was completely gone, which made him discount the possibility that the human race might have survived whatever it was and thus cemented his fall into nihilistic madness.
    • What about the message? Leland had a record of it.
      • There must have been a serious disaster all right, and the old civilization may be gone, but it's hard to imagine how the entire planet could have ceased to exist.
      • Or the message was a deliberate hoax sent from Earth, because there'd been some kind of political upheaval back home, and the ones who'd seized power didn't want anyone from Tanis to ever try to return and overthrow their new empire. A similar message was disseminated to Earth's population at the same time, to say that the Elysium had been destroyed so no one living under the new regime would ever try to contact the colonists.
    • Earth is never stated to have been destroyed in the first place. What happened to it is left a complete mystery. All we know is that it completely disappeared.

Shepard is the alternate universe counterpart of Mass Effect's Shepard
Elysium launched in 2174, and Shepard was born in 2154 in both universes. Elysium's Shepard had no team or resources to draw on, so it was all he could do to survive as long as he did.

Both Eden and Elysium were deliberately sabotaged.
It's known that pandorum is exacerbated by psychological trauma. Both Eden and Elysium were undone when members of their flight crews went crazy from this disorder. If anti-space extremists who didn't want humanity to leave Earth could set up a fake transmission, they could send each ship a phony message suggesting Earth had been destroyed, putting enormous emotional stress on their flight crews and triggering pandorum as an explosive-free alternative to setting off a bomb on board. They also tampered with the computers on both ships while the vessels were under construction, inserting viral commands that were triggered by the "You're the last of us" transmission, blinding the ships' sensors to Earth's continued existence.