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Some of the characters in Revolution have watched this show.
If Jeremy Baker watched One Life to Live in "No Quarter", there's no reason a number of other characters have watched Soap Operas in general.
In the backstory, Dan actually chose Karen, not Deb; it was Karen who refused to marry him.
Dan almost admitted this in one of his fights with Deb.
The Scott men are destined to become tragic basketball players.
All of them have incredible talent in the sport and all of them had to leave the game one way or another.
  • Dan Scott: Got a knee injury which forced him to quit. It eventually healed, but not completely since he didn't bother to rehabilitate it.
  • Lucas Scott: His heart condition means that he can't play without risking dying.
  • Nathan Scott: Was paralyzed before could be drafted into the NBA. Eventually DID make it, but had to retire early due to his back injury.
Lucas is Jamie's father, not Nathan.
  • Notice how he's blonde with a round head, has average-sized eyes like his instead of large eyes like Nathan's, has a more golden/bronzed complexion instead of a pale one like Nate's and even sounds more like his "Uncle" Lucas than his "father". Uh-oh...