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Nightmare Fuel: One Tree Hill
For a teen drama, this show can have some pretty scary moments.
  • WATCHMEWATCHU, who suddenly messages Peyton in the second season finale. The name itself is incredibly creepy, but then it turns out that the person using that name is stalking Peyton. Speaking of which...
  • Peyton's half-brother, Derek Sommers, turns up looking to get to know her after she put a message online for him. Great... Except it turns out he's obsessed with her, with his motel room having a wall covered in pictures of Peyton & he has a tattoo of Peyton that covers his back. So they call the cops & he's arrested, all's well that ends well, right? Nope. Turns out the Derek who turned up on Peyton's doorstep was an imposter, and the ensuing fight between Lucas, Derek & Psycho!Derek ends up with the imposter thrown out of Peyton's bedroom window. He managed to get away before the police arrived, but a few episodes later, it's mentioned off-hand that he'd been arrested.
    • Another half of the season passes by, no follow up to this... And then to Peyton's horror, he turns up on her doorstep & assaults her on the night of senior prom. And then Brooke turns up looking for Peyton, and he nearly kills the both of them...
  • Keith Scott haunting Dan, whilst he's under arrest for killing Daunte. Seeing one of the nicest characters in the show acting so creepy is just unsettling, and then he begins bleeding from the gunshot wound that killed him a season earlier. And then there's the Jump Scare where he pops out from the side of the cell door, looking demonic thanks to blood pouring from every orifice on his face.
  • Jamie falling in the Scott's pool and nearly drowning.
  • Katie stalking Quinn in "Darkness On The Edge Of Town"
  • Julian accidentally leaving his son, Davis, alone in the car in one hundred & one degree heat.
    "Have a nice night..."

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