Nightmare Fuel / One Tree Hill

For a teen drama, this show can have some pretty scary moments.
  • WATCHMEWATCHU, who suddenly messages Peyton in the second season finale. The name itself is incredibly creepy, but then it turns out that the person using that name is stalking Peyton. Speaking of which...
  • Peyton's half-brother, Derek Sommers, turns up looking to get to know her after she put a message online for him. Great... Except it turns out he's obsessed with her, with his motel room having a wall covered in pictures of Peyton & he has a tattoo of Peyton that covers his back. So they call the cops & he's arrested, all's well that ends well, right? Nope. Turns out the Derek who turned up on Peyton's doorstep was an imposter, and the ensuing fight between Lucas, Derek & Psycho!Derek ends up with the imposter thrown out of Peyton's bedroom window. He managed to get away before the police arrived, but a few episodes later, it's mentioned off-hand that he'd been arrested.
    • Another half of the season passes by, no follow up to this... And then to Peyton's horror, he turns up on her doorstep & assaults her on the night of senior prom. And then Brooke turns up looking for Peyton, and he nearly kills the both of them...
      • A particularly horrifying portion of this appearance only lasts for a second, but imagining how Peyton must have felt when Psycho!Derek had Brooke by the throat and was choking her right in front of Peyton, especially given the last conversation the two girls had prior to the confrontation, is both horrifying and upsetting. Basically, imagine telling the person that has been your best friend for years that they are no longer your friend, then being forced to watch helplessly while your Stalker with a Crush is killing them right in front of you.
  • Keith Scott haunting Dan, whilst he's under arrest for killing Daunte. Seeing one of the nicest characters in the show acting so creepy is just unsettling, and then he begins bleeding from the gunshot wound that killed him a season earlier. And then there's the Jump Scare where he pops out from the side of the cell door, looking demonic thanks to blood pouring from every orifice on his face.
  • Jamie falling in the Scott's pool and nearly drowning.
  • Quentin Fields's death. He just went to put some fuel in his car, and happened to choose the gas station that Xavier Daniels is in the midst of robbing. To make it even worse, when he walks in on the robbery, the employee working the register is already dead, and Quentin only dies because he happened to see the body - there's a pause between his seeing the body & being fatally shot, where he realises that he's about to die.
    • Knowing what's coming makes the scenes immediately before this heartwrenching - he only ends up at the gas station at that time because Nathan decided to end practice early for the day, and Skills decided to put off talking to him about his progress on the team until the next day.
  • Katie stalking Quinn in "Darkness On The Edge Of Town"
  • Julian accidentally leaving his son, Davis, alone in the car in one hundred & one degree heat.
  • Everything involving Xavier Daniels and his creepy, terrifying continual threatening of Brooke. Bonus points for his Catch-Phrase:
    "Have a nice night..."
  • In Darkness on the Edge of Town, we get Brooke and Jamie trapped inside of a flooding car while Julian is desperately trying to free them. All three of them are obviously terrified, especially Jamie, who is just a kid and who is panicking. The true Nightmare Fuel comes from two things: the fact that Brooke knew that if Julian took the time to save Jamie, she would probably drown, and then she actually did; and the fact that Jamie was standing alone after all of the trauma of the night, just staring as his godmother is lying dead on the ground, and he knows that it's because he was saved first.
    • Nathan and Haley pull up on the scene to find their son standing in the middle of the street in the pouring rain, the car Jamie was riding in is nowhere to be scene, and one of their best friends is lying on the ground getting CPR. And they have no idea what is happening; all they know is that something very bad happened, their son was a part of it, and he might have just had to watch one of the people he cares the most about die in front of him.