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Foolhardy Waywardness was going to be Armageddon's Blade's 'Secret' campaign
This theory relies on three facts: one, NWC had to quickly change their plans and adapt when the Forge town was removed — for instance, a nearly finished campaign had to be abandoned and replaced with the Armageddon's Blade campaign that we got. Two, Foolhardy Waywardness is downright silly, crammed full of blatant shout-outs, contrived coincidences and bad puns (there's a fork at every fork in the road!). Three, the names of the individual maps are all preceded by Secret (IE, the first scenario is Secret 1 - Lost at Sea, and in-game is called Lost at Sea, and so on and so forth). Thus, the theory is that Foolhardy Waywardness was going to be the counterpart to the original's Seeds of Discontent and Shadow of Death's Specter of Power... but when they had to remove a good chunk of the work they'd already done on the expansion, including the campaign the main focus was on, they had to press Foolhardy Waywardness into service as the official final campaign instead so that the expansion could be finished in time.

Gavin Magnus Is a Corak
He is immortal, doesn't age, and to say his senses are superhumanly acute would be an massive understatement. If (and this is blatantly speculation) Coraks are built resembling human infants and mature similarly to humans, he could have been mistaken for an ordinary human orphan. (Again, the idea that he was an orphan is speculation.) However, this fails to explain why he does not look like the two known Coraks (who appear identical to human eyes).