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Knight's Town (I, II) / Castle (III) / Haven (IV, V, VI, VII)

The Knight in Shining Armor faction, and now the only one to have been present in any of the base games. Their troops were all humans in the first two games, composed of various classical soldiers (archers, swordmen, cavalry, etc...) before the introduction of Griffins and, more importantly, Angels. Typically the most balanced and beginner's faction, they started gaining more flavor with the fourth game by gaining ressurections ability. Their Might Hero is the Knight and Magic Hero the Cleric/Priest.

    Haven's Iconic Characters 

Morglin Ironfist (I)

The leader of the "Knight" faction in Heroes of Might and Magic I, and the canonical winner of the war against Lord Slayer the Barbarian, Lady Lamanda the Sorceress, and Lord Alamar the Warlock. His father, the King of Varn, was killed by his brother, who then seized the throne for himself and was in turn succeeded by his son Ragnar. Morglin then (probably) tried to have his cousin Ragnar assassinated in order to reclaim the throne of Varn, but when the attempt failed, he fled to the Varnal Hills, where he found a mysterious portal...
  • Revenge by Proxy: His father was murdered by his uncle, and he probably tried to get revenge for his father by murdering his cousin.
  • Rightful King Returns: Subverted. He never did reclaim the throne of Varn from Ragnar, and after conquering Enroth, he didn't really want to.
  • Unreliable Narrator: His first few letters to Ragnar attempted to deflect accusations of attempted murder (including some pretty incriminating pieces of evidence), but in the last few letters, written when he was much better established in Enroth, it's pretty clear that Morglin was guilty as charged. In his later letters, Morglin's only complaints about Guthbert, the man who carried out the attempt on Ragnar's life, were that he had a "loose tongue and couldn't strike a mouse dead," and after conquering Enroth, he considered it fortunate that Guthbert had failed to kill Ragnar.

Catherine Gryphonheart (III, M&M)

Queen of Erathia, Roland's wife, and Big Good of the third game, where she leads the good factions to liberate Erathia from multiple invaders after her father's death. She ultimately has to fight him, after he was resurrected as lich by the Necromancers and took their control. She ultimately appeases her undead father and ends the war by finding and letting him kill the traitor Lord Haart, who assassinated the king in the first place. She reappears in Armaggeddon's Blade, this time fighting against the demon Kreegans as they try to create and use the titular Artifact of Doom.

Lysander (IV)

The founder and king of the little kingdom of Palaedra, populated by the refugee of Erathia after their original world was destroyed, and that they had to flee to another planet. The Heroes IV's The True Blade campaign deal with him searching the titular sword, a sign of appartenance to the Griffonheart family that an imposter, Sir Worton, claims to have, challenging Lysander for the throne.

Isabel (V)

The main character of V's campaigns, Isabel is the new spouse of Nicolai, King of the Griffin Empire, occuped to repel a sudden demonic invasion. Joining him to fight by his side, and helping Markal to raise him via necromancy after his death, she will eventually be revealed to be the central element in the Demon Sovereign Kha-Beleth's Evil Plan, aiming to making her bear his child who will become the Dark Messiah. She is eventually kidnapped by Agrael/Raelag and impersonated by the succubus Biara, thus turning the Empire into an even more Knight Templar-ish nation.

Godric (V, Clash Of Heroes)

Nicolai's uncle, charged by Isabel to call for help from Wizards and Elves, much to his dismay. Reappears later in the campaign to form a Four Man Band with the Wizard Zehir, the Ranger Findan and the Warlock Raelag. Killed by fake!Isabel in Hammers of Fate. A younger version of him appears in Clash Of Heroes. He is Freyda's father and commander.

Freyda (V)

Godric's daughter and a major Haven character in Hammers of Fate. After serving under fake!Isabel, she defects and takes the rebels' side. In the end of Tribes of the East, Isabel makes her the next Queen, starting the Unicorn dynasty.

Anton (VI)

First legitimate son of the Duke of Griffin Slava, and new Duke after his father's assassination, apparently by the hand of his sister Anastasya.


Barbarian's Town (I, II) / Stronghold (III, IV, V-TotE expansion, VI, VII)

"We walk our own path, alone."

The Barbarian Tribe faction. Populated with Goblins, Orcs, Cyclops and the like, with the exception of the fourth game, where Orcs and Goblins were replaced by human barbarians and beastmen. The Brute Force Faction, they are since the fourth game pure might (though still able to gain magic skills an to eventually learn spells), while in the last two games they more or less totally drop magic, gaining instead the Warcries' ability, filling the troops with Unstoppable Rage. Their Might Hero is the Barbarian, and their Magic Hero the BattleMage/Shaman.

    Stronghold's Iconic Characters 

Lord Slayer (I)

The leader of the Barbarian faction in Heroes of Might and Magic I, he was initially involved in a three-way war with Lady Lamanda and Lord Alamar, but was defeated by the newcomer Morglin Ironfist. Later he allied with Lamanda and Alamar against Ironfist but was unable to stop him from conquering Enroth. Supposedly, his bones are buried in the foundations of the Barbarians' Coliseum in Heroes II.

Crag Hack (I-II-III-IV, mentioned in V and VI)

A classical Barbarian Hero, Crag Hack (who shares his name with a Might and Magic dwarf hero), has is Day In The Limelight in III-Shadow of Death, where he was part of a group of four heroes aiming to stop the necromancer Sandro's Evil Plan, after having been his Unwitting Pawn. With Sandro and the genie Solmyr, he is one of the few character of the old universe deemed by Ubisoft as sufficiently of an Ensemble Dark Horse for gaining a Continuity Cameo in Ashan's backstory, apparently as The Dreaded.

He got his own DLC campaign for VI called "Pirates of the Savage Sea".
  • Accidental Misnaming: He is not pleased with being constantly called "Mister Hack" by Sandro in Shadow of Death.
  • Author Avatar: Originally a Jon Van Caneghem tabletop game's character.
  • Beard of Barbarism
  • Continuity Cameo: In V and base VI. The Ashan incarnation is the main character of the first DLC for VI, Pirates of the Savage Sea.
  • Cool Helmet: it's even an artifact in VI!
  • Dumb Muscle: In the old continuity, to the point that even other barbarians comments on it (this was a person with decades of mercenary experience across at least two continents — and he still hadn't picked up that mister is a title, not a name!). His Ashan incarnation, on the other hand, is clever enough.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Might and Magic X reveals that this is how his Ashan incarnation ended his days, as a way to make the best out of a bad situation (it was either die from other reasons, and break the curse he was under, or die from the curse, and be Ret Gone).
  • Horny Vikings
  • Retired Badass: At the start of "Pirates of the Savage Sea".

Tarnum (Heroes Chronicles, NPC in IV)

"But a warrior is not just a killer. He's a protector! You must have respect for life, and an even greater respect for your ability to take it. Otherwise, you're just a murderer."
The main protagonist of Heroes Chronicles, Tarnum started out as a bloodthirsty warlord, but "the Ancestors" decided to punish him after he died by denying him access to the afterlife, systematically ressurecting him as a hero in any Antagarich's factions, charged to perform various heroic deeds. Tarnum eventually atoned, taking a young Waerjak as his adoptive son. He is also the second most important protagonist in IV's barbarian campaign, acting as The Mentor for Waerjak, before being captured and presumately killed by a warlord. Waerjak eventually find him Back from the Dead, and Tarnum reveal to him his past and how he finally redeemed himself but chose to stay among the mortals.

Waerjak (Heroes Chronicles, IV)

The Hero of IV's barbarian campaign, Waerjak grew the same concern than his adoptive father Tarnum: already weakened by the destruction of Enroth (the world of I-II-III), the barbarian were also stupidly fighting themselves instead of uniting their force. Waerjak eventually decided to do unite them himself, peacefully if possible, but is confronted to a Sadistic Choice when he has to chose between saving Tarnum from a barbarian warlord, or liberating barbarian slaves.

Sandor (VI)

First, but illegitimate son of the Duke of Griffin. With his sister Irina and the Orc Kraal (the Duke's master-of-arms) as his only friends, and finally fed up with his life, he flees to the Orc's Pao Islands to become a Barbarian.


Warlock's Town (I, II) / Dungeon (III, V, VI SoD, VII) / Asylum (IV)

"Hide, listen, watch, learn... And when the time is right, strike from the shadow."

The Evil Sorcerer faction, specializing in power, both in creatures and in destructive magic. While they are powerful, they are often limited by the expensive prices of their armies and lower growth rates. It has largely remained the same with each game, despite having dark elves in V and VI. Their Might is either the Overlord or the Thief, and their Magic Hero the Warlock/Sorcerer.

    Dungeon's Iconic Characters 

Lord Alamar (I, II, III)

The leader of the Warlocks of Enroth in Heroes of Might and Magic I, he was defeated by Morglin Ironfist but escaped to other lands. Decades later, he returned to Enroth to serve Archibald Ironfist but was again forced to flee when Archibald was defeated. He fled to Nighon, where he helped the Overlords invade Erathia following the death of King Gryphonheart, but Nighon's invasion was ultimately repelled by Queen Catherine.

Archibald Ironfist (II, M&M VI and VII)

The "not so good" brother of Roland, Archibald accused him of killing the seers charged to chose a successor after their father's death. Given how obvious who the real murderer was, Roland, after flying the royal castle, started a civil war against his brother. Archibald canonically lost, and was Taken for Granite, until the PCs in Might and Magic VI freed him so that he helps them save the world. He then became a prominent member of the Necromancers' guild.
  • The Archmage: Turns out he both has an extensive knowledge of magical rituals (which is why he has to be freed) and is better at necromancy than many necromancers despite being a Warlock rather than a Necromancer.
  • Badass Moustache: He's an archmage royal who actually did things while he still young enough that his father was only recently deceased. He also keeps to his moustache, unlike his brother.
  • Big Bad: Of the second game.
  • Cain and Abel: Cain to Roland's Abel. Downplayed in that at the end, neither brother is willing to go all out and kill the other.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: In Might and Magic, he can't stand for Roland to be imprisoned by the Kreegans.
  • Evil Brit
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Just like his brother, he's not above going on the battlefield himself if he feels it necessary.
  • Smug Snake: Especially prominent in his victorious ending. His narration drips with it.
  • Taken for Granite: His fate in the (canonical) ending where Roland won.

Mutare (III, Heroes Chronicles)

A young woman from Nighon who took advantage of the infighting among the various Overlords to seize power for herself. After defeating Ordwald with the aid of the Vial of Dragon's Blood, she sought to conquer all of the dragons.

Tawni Balfour (IV)

"Honor among thieves? Hah! Any thief who invokes such rubbish is a hypocrite! The instant they have the opportunity to stab their best friend in the back, you know they won't even hesitate. A pirate, on the other hand, lives by a different motto. "The last one standing gets the gold."."

The main character of IV Chaos' campaign. A ruthless Pirate Girl, Tawni Balfour was way too happy at the death of her father, the feared Captain Black, and took the opportunity to conquer the Gold Sea above all pirates.

Raelag/Agrael (V, VI)

The protagonist of the Inferno and Dungeon campaign in V, Raelag starts out as Agrael, the (secretly elven) Dragon of the Big Bad Kha-Beleth, charged to kill Nicolai, and succeedding at the end of the Haven campaign. But, in love with Isabel, he betrays his master and comes in contact with the Spirit Advisor Tieru, who reveals to him the Dark Messiah prophecy, and purges him of his demonic influence. Later, we play as Raelag at his rise to power after his return among the Dark Elves, and his tentative to foil Kha-Beleth's schemes.


Sorceress' Town (I-II) / Rampart (III) / Preserve (IV) / Sylvan (V, VII)

The Nature Faction. Originally serving as the counterpart to the warlocks in the first two games, they eventually became more associated with elves from the third game onward. As one might expect with a faction of elves, they are more associated with speed than the other factions at the cost of defense, and favor nature-themed magic. Their Might Hero is the Ranger/Archer, and their Magic Hero the Sorceress (I and II)/Druid (III and IV).

    Sylvan's Iconic Characters 

Queen Lamanda (I)

The leader of the Sorceresses of Enroth in Heroes of Might and Magic I. She was defeated by Lord Ironfist.

Sister Eliza (II)

The leader of the Sorceresses of Enroth in Heroes of Might and Magic II. She was attacked by Archibald because of her public support for Roland. Roland defended her and her guild against Archibald, and she swore allegiance to him.


Gem was one of the greatest Sorceresses that Enroth had ever seen, serving King Roland Ironfist during the Succession Wars. Shortly after Roland had secured the throne of Enroth, Gem left for Erathia, finding a new home in Avlee.
  • The Ageless: She appears in Heroes of Might and Magic games I-IV, a time period which spans approximately 80 years, yet still appears young. IV explains that she maintained her youth by drinking from a special fountain; however, she no longer has access to this fountain as of IV and has started to age normally again, which may explain her absence in later games.
  • Fantasy Character Classes: Though she is listed as a "Druid" in her HOMM III appearance (as the game does not have a Sorceress class), the Shadow of Death expansion for III lists her as Sorceress, the only hero in III to have a unique class name.
  • Friend to All Living Things: As befitting her character class. However, according to her campaign scenario in III, it took her a little while to warm to the Sylvan Castle's dragons, though one could hardly blame her given her experiences with them in II.note  She also appeared to be uneasy of the Dendroids at first, due to an unexplained incident in her past.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Despite being at the "heart of over 80 years of conflicts and wars," she has maintained her gentle demeanor.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Prior to III, Sandro tricks her into gathering an artifact for him (along with Crag Hack), then uses it to install a puppet king to invade Erathia, kickstarting the events of the main game. To be fair, she does band together with Crag Hack and two other heroes to defeat him later.
  • Older Than They Look: See The Ageless above.
  • Recurring Character

Gelu (III-AB and SoD, intro of IV)

A half-elf Ranger assisting Catherine and Roland in Armaggeddon's Blade, and the heroes Crag Hack, Gem and Yog in Shadow of Death. In a quite egregious case of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero, he ends up destroying the world with the aforementionned sword when it clashes with another Infinity+1 Sword, the Sword of Frost. Easily recognizable due to his red hair and black and white skin.

Elwin and Shaera(IV)

Two elves whose romantic story drives IV's Nature campaign, as Lord Haarke try to keep Shaera for himself.


Necromancer's Town (II) / Necropolis (III, IV, V, VI, VII)

"Life is change, chaos, filth and suffering. Death is peace, order, everlasting beauty."

The Undead Faction. First seen in Heroes II, the necromancers serve as a counterpart to the wizards. Their strategy is primarily to overrun their enemies with hordes of undead, with their Necromancy skill and their higher growth rates to emphasize this. In IV they were merged with the demons, but from V onward they were back to strictly commanding the undead. Their Might Hero is the Death Knight, and their Magic Hero the Necromancer.

    Necropolis' Iconic Characters 

Sandro (I-II-III-IV, mentioned in V and VI, M&M)

Arguably the most popular character of the entire series, Sandro was the only undead hero of the first game (as a Warlock). A lich with the classical necromancers' obsession to Take Over the World, Sandro was nearly successful in doing so by basically planning the entire events of the third game's campaign, as seen in the prequel The Shadow of Death, thus being the mastermind behind the invasion of Erathia. Unfortunately for him, his first plan, involving two Artifacts of Doom, was foiled by a group of four heroes (including Crag Hack and Gelu), and the credit for his second plan was stolen by the lich he was planning to control as The Man Behind the Man. Sandro make a Continuity Cameo in V and VI, being regularly mentionned as The Mentor of Markal and several necromancers, sadly Killed Off for Real.

He got his own DLC campaign for VI called "Danse Macabre"

Gauldoth Half-Dead (IV)

The main character of IV Death's campaign, Gauldoth earned his nickname when, as a young necromancer apprentice, he tried to cast a spell to survive the destruction of Enroth (the world of I-II-III). It... '''partially'' worked, leaving him Two-Faced, with one side of his body becoming undead. The campaign deal with him creating the small nation of Nekross, finding his old master, and ultimately having to fight him when he's revealed to be serving an Omnicidal Maniac mysterious figure.

Markal (V)

A Necromancer proposing to Isabel to revive her husband King Nicolai, after he was killed by Agrael, while his real aim his to avenge the death of his master Sandro, killed by the Wizards.

Arantir (V-TotE, Dark Messiah)

A Necromancer trying to prevent the Dark Messiah prophecy. The Big Good of TotE Necropolis' campaign, previously seen in Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic as the main antagonist and final boss.

Anastasya (VI)

Sveltana (VI)


Wizard's Town (II) / Tower (III) / Academy (IV, V, VII)

The Magocracy Faction. Debuting in II, the wizards are rivals to the Necromancers and the Warlocks. They specialize in magic and ranged attackers at the cost of weaker melee creatures, as well as costly prices. In II and V they were in a desert settingnote , while in III and IV they were native to the snow. Their Might Hero is typically the Alchemist, and their Magic Hero the Wizard/Mage.

    Academy's Iconic Characters 

Roland Ironfist (II, III-AB expansion, M&M)

One of the two sons of Morglin Ironfist, the canonical winner of the first game's campaign. "Good, kindly and honorable", Roland was forced to flee when his "not so good" brother Archibald blamed him for the murders of the various seers charged with finding a successor to their dead father. Calling his Knight, Wizard and Sorceress allies, he started a civil war against his brother, a conflict constituing the plot of the second game's campaign. Canonically the winner, he turned Archibald to stone until the future generations take pity of him. Later married to Catherine Ironfist, Roland came to her aid in the Armaggedon's Blade campaign against the demon Kreegans, who imprisoned him during the M&M's VI.

Gavin Magnus (IV, background of III)

The inexplicably immortal ruler of the wizard faction of Bracada, and later the Big Bad of IV's Order campaign The Price Of Peace, where he tries to brainwash the entire world to end all wars. It turns out even a god-slaying sword can't kill him. But it's sufficient to leave him in a catatonic state, presumably forever.
  • Assimilation Plot
  • The Evils of Free Will
  • Face-Heel Turn: He was the leader of the good side in Might and Magic VII, even if he left a lot of things in the hands of his Terran advisors. The destruction of Enroth caused him to jump off the slippery slope, however, culminating in most of the other tropes describing him here.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Not even himself know how he became immortal. He also has some weird abilities, like writing with an uncanny perfection, or spotting even an insignificant error in the construction of a room, while being at the other end of it.
  • Knight Templar
  • Nigh Invulnerable
  • Sorcerer King: With the minor exception of his title (he used Grand Vizier instead. He was still openly and legally the one in charge, note), he was this (understandable, as the ruler of the Wizards' nation of Bracada), before Enroth's destruction. The event was... not good for his mental health, and he went off the deep end.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist

Solmyr ibn Wali Barad (III, IV, mentionned in V)

A Genie in a Bottle who gave his word to serves the man who liberated him "as long as he will walk this earth", and the man turned out to be Gavin Magnus, the immortal ruler of Bracada. Eventually, Solmyr had to betray his master when he had to oppose Emilia Nighthaven and help Gavin Magnus brainwash the entire world.

Emilia Nighthaven (IV)

The main protagonist of IV's Order campaign The Price of Peace. A few years after miraculously escaping the destruction of Enroth, she united refugees of her old world in the nation of the Great Arcan, hoping to resist the various warlords of the region and introduce a bit of order. She would eventually clashes with Gavin Magnus and his plans. She ends the war victorious, but with her legs paralysed.

Sar-Elam (Background of V, VI and Dark Messiah)

The greatest spellcaster ever in the history of Ashan, who ascended to the form of (yet another) Dragon-God. His disciples went on to found the Academies, the background monastic orders of the Dragon-Knights and of the Blind Brothers, and Necromancy. His dragon skull is a plot point in Dark Messiah. The role-model of every Wizard.

Zehir (V)

Son of The Archmage Cyrus, and twice protagonist and Big Damn Hero, in V vanilla and Tribes of the East. Most of his involvement in the plot consists of cleaning up the mess left by the other heroes. He even lampshades it.


Inferno (III, V, VI, coupled in IV with Necropolis)

The Legions of Hell faction, composed of various demons, most icconically imps, cerberi and devils. Since the fifth episode (though the fourth already had some flavorful spells), they relies heavily on demons' summoning. Generally considered one of the weakest factions in term of stats, and due to lacking flyers and shooters. Their Might Hero is the Demoniac/Demonlord and their Magic Hero the Heretic.

    Inferno's Iconic Characters 

Kha-Beleth (V, DarkMessiah, VI)

Demon Sovereign and Big Bad in V, where he's setting up his masterplan to create the Dark Messiah, the only one able to liberate him from Sheogh, where demons are imprisoned.

Kiril (VI)

Anton's younger brother and Anastasya's twin, thrust against his will into the demon prison-world of Sheogh by the angel Sarah.

    H3 Fortress 

"H3 Fortress" (III)

The nation of Tatalia is home to this Fortress faction. Consisted of lizardmen and beasts from the swamps, they are the definition of a technical faction, relying very much on the abilities their creatures have. Also, when the Stronghold focus on Attack, the Fortress focus on Defense, making them another Brute Force faction. Their Might Hero is The Beastmaster, and their Magic Hero is the Witch.


Conflux (III-AB expansion)

When the original Forge faction was scrapped due to fan complaints, the Conflux was introduced instead. Consisting of elemental creatures, their armies were weaker than most, but made up for it with boosted growth rates, with the Phoenix in particular being the only tier 7 creature with an initial growth rate of 2. Their Might Hero is the Planeswalker, and their Magic Hero the Elementalist.

    H5 Fortress 

"H5 Fortress" (V)

A faction of dwarves exclusive to Ashan. Their heroes use a special magic, Rune magic, that uses resources and can be applied to creatures throughout battle. As is expected of the dwarves, they specialize in defense, with several abilities nodding to this. Their Hero is the Runemage.

    Fortress' Iconic Characters 

Wulfstan (V-HoF and TotE)

The protagonist of the Fortress campaign in Hammer of Fate, and token dwarf. Only Sane Man among the dwarves, teams up with the Heroes.


Sanctuary (VI)

"We strive for perfection in Shalassa's worship."

The first naga and aquatic faction in the series. Their battle system is based around all aspects of water as well as honor, favoring to fight enemies one on one. Their Might Hero is the Samourai, and their Magic hero the Monk.

    Sanctuary's Iconic Characters 

Irina (VI)

The first daughter of the Duke of Griffin, forced to accept an Arranged Marriage with the family's long antagonist Duke Gerhart of the Wolf Duchy. Liberated by her brother Sandor, she then integrates the Sanctuary faction.