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Mallorie's baby is Vlad's

The game is only set over a couple of months at most, so it's at least likely.

The terrorists who are the reason for the closed bridges are a bigger threat than you think.

This is the explanation for why you have to wreak so much havoc until the police sends sufficient reinforcements... They have plenty of helicopters, yet will not send one if you "just" gun down some civilians. Why? Because they are too busy fighting a terrorist army elsewhere, so they will only send in the big guns when you become even more dangerous than the terrorists!

Packie McReary will appear in GTA V

During the credit sequence for The Ballad Of Gay Tony, you see one scene where Packie gets out of a taxi cab at the Airport, with nothing but a duffel bag on his shoulders. Later, at the end of the credits, you see a shot of a plane lifting off, presumably with Packie inside. Obviously, Rockstar is trying to foreshadow Packie's involvement in their next game, whether he becomes a player character or he stays a supporting one. Further evidence shows up in some leaked documents for GTA V listing some character names, with a few having the last name Mc Reary.
  • Confirmed!

All three protagonists (Niko, Johnny, and Luis) are on the edge of being assassinated by the FBI.

"Michelle" already warned Niko once. Figuring out her secret only upset him more but didn't change his ways until after completion. So it is fair to think that the NOOSE and FBI are stalking again. By the end of the month, him and the other two protagonists are going to be assassinated.

The games are about the collapse of society.

The GTA series is about the collapse of society!

1. Etiquette is gone, and vulgarity is everywhere. This seems insignificant, but this shows that social order is falling apart, and hierarchies are enforced by conflict and force, not respect.

2. In the earlier games, traffic violations and small infractions would get the cops on you. In the later games, you will only be wanted if you assault/kill someone, steal a car, or assault an officer.

3. If you are arrested, you get out with a bribe, even if you do something heinous. This means that there is NO criminal trials and capital punishment doesn't exist. You can kill 100 people including cops, and you are taken to the police station and let free. This is probably THE most important, because this is accepted by the people. Anarchy is the norm. Also, they aren't letting you go because of corruption only, they wouldn't let a copkiller go. They let you go because they are afraid of you.

4. You can get a rocket-launcher.

5. The anarchy is international. Terrorists have attacked in GTA IV

Niko is trapped in the Simulation

Niko spent his childhood in poverty, then as a soldier, where he saw and experienced things that scarred him for life. His only aspiration in his adult life was to leave his homeland and move to America where he could get a fresh start and live in prosperity alongside his cousin Roman, who has already made it big over there. His deepest fear is that nothing will actually change for him when he reaches America - Roman's tales of wealth will turn out to be a lie; he will be forced to commit criminal acts just to survive each day; he will be constantly watched by people who view him as an outsider and a threat; and he will continue to face betrayal and the death of those he cares about no matter where he goes.

Having seen Niko's exceptional ability and will to survive during the war, Zinyak picked him up before he ever left his homeland and put him into a simulated Liberty City that embodied all of these fears. Niko never boarded the Platypus or made it to the real Liberty City, where Roman really was rich and successful.

Dimitri went crazy because his own Cousin got killed by Petrovic!!

Now one thing I've always been wondering about is why the fuck Demitri goes form being a relatively nice guy to being a callous assholes in a flash. But I hit me. His cousin who was dating Petrovic's son must have been killed as revenge as warning to Mikhail and Dimitri and that's why he's is after Nico. While His blood debt to Petrovic is finished. Dimitri was lost his best friend and his cousin because of Nico's thoughtless actions. Dimitri wanted to hurt Nico as badly as he was by things Nico did while working under Faustin. So a way Dimitri is a bit of an Anti-Villan and most of the shit he did to Nico was a mix of Kicking the dog and the son of a bitch at the same time.