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Pontypandy is a dictatorship, entirely controlled by the fire station.
There's no sign of any police, or any sort of town council. In fact the entire population of Pontyprandy seems to comprise the Pryces, the Floods, the Joneses, Trevor the bus driver, and the fire-fighters themselves. And the fire department seem to be in charge of everything to do with safety and protection. Despite being a seaside town (in the CGI series), there isn't even a coastguard, although there is a mountain-rescue officer (who is treated as a subordinate of the fire station). Clearly at some point Station Officer Steele seized control of the town and everyone who disagreed with his rule ... disappeared (Bella Lasagna was the last to go).
  • Well, more recent episodes have added a Coast Guard in Ben Hooper and an Ocean Rescue Center, an analogue for the Mountain Rescue Center, which is where the water vehicles are stored (with a new one added just for Ben); the place has been expanded on to become the Ocean Rescue Center's base instead of only a conveniently empty building that they visit whenever they need to get their rescue boats. Of course, this doesn't completely disprove the WMG, since Ben is still subservient to the Fire Service like Tom is.
  • Also, we've got a new Family in the Sparkes'. And lets not forget Mrs. Chen and her young daughter Lily.

Sam is Norman's father.
Sam often shows symptoms of high-functioning Science-Related Memetic Disorder, and Norman once caused an accident that required the assistance of the fire crew in full breathing apparatus with a children's chemistry set. Maybe it's In the Blood?