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What happened to Elise's brother Uncle Ned?
Uncle Ned, played by Tom Hanks, was last seen in a second season episode. Ned becomes an alcoholic and the last time we see him he's on the phone calling A.A. It's possible that Ned drove to the meeting and wrecked his car, killing himself.
  • Or he fell off the wagon and the Keatons told him not to come around the house anymore.
  • Or, he kept burning his bridges before he died some time after the events of "Say Uncle," a homeless, penniless drunk who had lost his career, his family and friends ... everything.

Marty McFly is Alex Keaton's twin brother, and they were separated at birth
Let's say the Keatons had twin boys, but they were so broke they knew they could only manage one at that time. They put the other up for adoption. Then their subconscious disdain about their finances is deeply driven into Alex's subconscious. Marty was adopted by the McFly family.
  • Or else, they're identical cousins — and Elyse Keaton is George McFly's younger sister. After their biological father died, their mother remarried.
  • Michael Flaherty is also their cousin, and Michael's mother and Elyse are twins. However, Michael's mother was adopted - as their parents could not take care of both of them. As such, Michael and Alex don't meet - until Michael moves to Ohio in 2000.

Alex Keaton becomes a Tea Party politician by the 2010 election.
He already had Reagan worship down as a teenager. Throw in the years of things changing and Alex Keaton may be yearning for having things revert back. He is about the same age as some of the Tea party Republicans in congress so it could work.
  • He probably is extra bitter that his parents likely voted for Obama.