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Stalking Your mom and Doing your mom are related in 1 of 2 ways:
  • 1. The stalking your mom guy finally gets the courage to ask your mom on a date at the WalMart, leading to the events of doing your mom.
  • 2. Your mom breaks up with him because he's too obsessive and clingy, leading to him stalking her.
    • The line "I'm way too shy to ask her out on a date" makes this one unlikely.

all the Your favorite martian songs are based off events from Ray's life.
Because seriously, some of them are actually plausible, like Bottles of Beer, Tig ol bitties, fight to win, even Grandma got a Facebook. here's the dialogue between me and a friend about it:
Me: "Do you think the Your Favorite Martian songs are events from Ray's life?
Friend: Sorta, because you can't make this stuff up.
The Tro-lo-lo Dog was aware it was being used in that video.
It seems very angry, surely it must be because it knows it was being used to recreate such a crappy song.

Ray's BUD SAM ADAMS will appear in an episode of Equals Three.
Along with MILLER, the KILLIAN'S RED car with the FAT TIREs, the Mexican chick CORONA, MILWAUKEE'S BEAST, and the foreign exchange kid ASAHI.