Funny / =3

  • "Those aren't boobs! They're lies! LIES, I TELL YOU!"note 
  • "I'm Oprah, fucker!" note 
  • In Club Villain, the song is stopped once Chris Brown is mentioned in the lyrics.
  • Puff tries to explain he wasn't being racist towards Indians and he was just complaining about the food.
  • This opening:
    Ray: Hey guys! I actually need to take a shit, so I thought it'd be fun to let TJ Miller host.
    TJ: I'm TJ Miller. I'm always just to the left of Ray in case he needs to take a shit.
  • GUURL THAT'S A BOOTY HOLE (It's actually a valve) on its own isn't that funny, but Ray makes a brick joke out of it in the episode right after it that's just hilarious.
    Ray: Now, I've recently moved in with Anna, and she might be a small girl, but every time she uses the toilet... BOOM!
    Anna: {off screen} Shut your hole!
    Ray: It's a valve, honey!
  • ''Guys I'm so excited! You know why? Cause Justin Bieber just turned eighteen! Unfortunately, that now makes him too old for me to date.
  • "If you're just gonna run around being an abusive asshole than we're no longer gonna call you Buttermilk. We're gonna call you dad."
  • "Now my favorite part about this video is that people think it's real, but if you listen carefully you can tell the sound effect is actually coming off screen from the mom, who's punching the daughter in the face."
  • "So a lot of good things happened in the eighties, you know, like, I was born... Probably nothing else memorable."
  • "Man, I hate using those urinals. All those guys with their dicks out. It's like a beauty pageant for penises... And I always win cause my penis has one hell of a baton twirl.
  • "HEY MAN! You can't just hit the machine like that. It's not your wife!"
  • "Sweetheart, you don't have to do all that stuff to get a guy to like you. All you have to do is... dishes."
  • "Now I have a really cool grandma. Like, my grandma could totally beat up your grandma."
  • "This is the middle east, where there's a lot of sand, war and lack of women's rights; which is terrible because I really hate sand."