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One of the cameo characters (Mike, Roz, Amber, etc) will eventually become important in Dumbing of Age
They keep showing up in the background of strips, seemingly as Easter Eggs. But it seems odd that they'd all be at the same school (Roz has appeared in several strips in a row, so the theory works best with her).
  • Amber just got a week of strips interacting with Danny. So...confirmed?
    • All three of the ones listed have become major, if not main characters.

If only because someone will point it out to Willis.
  • Joe has asked Joyce to go out on a date with her. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Joe also had sex with Roz, Robin's sister, so maybe it's related to that? Also, it's confirmed that Robin is in Congress in this universe and you have to be at least 25, so there's at least seven or eight years age difference between Robin and Joe.

Billie will be caught with alcohol in her room
Because Dumbing takes place on a dry campus, this will lead to her getting in deep trouble.
  • It may also coincide with some other humiliations, as her existence seems to be playing the Break the Haughty trope fairly straight.

Faz and Amber know they're brother and sister in the DOA universe
Her parents are divorced, so maybe Amber's mother knew about her husband's other children. It's possible they even grew up together.

Amber's twin sister is Amazi-Girl
Willis claimed we wouldn't see Amazi-Girl outside her costume. At first, it seemed like he was just lying, but what if he wasn't? Amber didn't freak out when she saw Danny—only when he mentioned she reminded him of someone. Maybe she's trying to hide her sister's antics.
  • Possibly Rose?
  • Jossed. Amazi-Girl was explicitly "revealed" as Amber. Also, continuing to joke about AG being someone else is now a bannable offense in the comments section (apparently Willis was really, really tired of the gag). How Danny completely fails to realize they are the same person despite spending a lot of time with both has yet to be revealed, or just has to be filed under Willing Suspension of Disbelief ala Clark Kent/Superman, along with the idea a 5'2" girl can beat up a gang of football jocks.

Walky and Joyce will get together in this universe too.
Not much support for this, I just really like Walky and Joyce as a couple.
  • Could happen. Dorothy is trying to improve Walky for the next girl who comes along when she leaves and Joyce is liking some of these changes. Probably won't happen until their second or third year. So around the 2030-50s.

The Aliens do exist...
...and that cartoon is just a cover-up for them, similar to the Hungry Dragon project from Transformers. Maybe there are real abductees out there; they're just not the same guys as those in the main Walkyverse.

Sarah's drug-using roommate was Guns
Willis said on Tumblr he hates Guns, and she hasn't appeared in the comic yet. So if Guns was expelled, he'd never have to include her in the comic.
  • Jossed: it was Bit Character Dana from a handful of Roomies! comics.

Walky would rather have Billie as his sister than Sal
Walky makes an effort to maintain his relationship with Billie, who he says is like a sister to him, but he barely sees Sal and he never even tried to contact her while she was at boarding school. And apparently Billie had friends who bullied Walky growing up but he doesn't blame her for that.
  • Although in the few times we've seen them interact, Walky seems to be the one who tries to initiate things with Sal, only to be shot down by her rather than the other way around.
    • Yes, but when he's rebuffed by Sal, Walky accepts it. With Billie, he pushes the issue a little more.
      • He's actually had a relationship with Billie, in one way or anouther, for basically their whole lives, while Sal has been absent from his life for several years. Add in that she's somewhat bitter over Walky being the apparent favorite and it's fairly easy to see why he'd feel more of an urge to reconnect with Billie. Plus no matter what happens Sal is his sister so they always have a connection but Billie is just someone he knows so if he doesn't make the effort he will lose her.

The new Robot Girl Ultra Car will show up, but will be 100% human
And always will have been. Either way, everyone will ask if UC is/was a car/robot in this verse anyway.

  • Well, sort of. Ultra Car is a cartoon character in this continuity; Carla is a human and a big fan of the show. No-one's compared her to a robot yet.
    • There is one major parallel: Carla is transgender just as Ultra Car is "transchasssis".

Amber first donned the mask and cape as Amazi-girl in response to Ethan's parents reacting negatively to him coming out of the closet.
It probably involved some awesome Batman-esque conversation with his mother and father with a sudden disappearance when they turn away for a split second. Good thing it's in the dark though, since the costume was made on the fly in a fit of emotion. Bath towel capes and ties with hurriedly cut eye holes are not very intimidating.

If Mike and Amber don't get together eventually, O will eat my own hat.
Apart from being in great favor of this ship, this troper believes Mike has a crush on Amber. Besides knowing her for a long while, and his twitter entries saying he finds short tempers sexy (which Amber has), I feel he goes the extra mile for Amber, in a way. Yes he's Tough Love with everyone, but with Amber it seems very different- my main conceit is when he finally snaps and pulls Amber away from the computer. He DOES care!! And he wants to spend time with her!!!
  • Possibly jossed on Tumblr and the comments from the collections. Willis stated he's conciously attempting to avoid the same relationships from the other universe (Mike/Amber, Walky/Joyce, Danny/Billie, etc). But who knows if he'll stick to it.

Amber and Sal have met before. And I don't mean at freshmen orientation.
Amber's witnessed a robbery at a convenience store. Sal has done a robbery at a convenience store.

They've met.

  • Confirmed.

Walkyverse relationships will be teased but ultimately won't develop into anything serious, with possible exceptions

  • We have seen some previous relationships from the Walkyverse teased in DoA, but it seems that Willis is going to put the characters on different romantic routes than their previous universe counterparts.

    • At some point, Walky/Joyce will be teased.

    • Dina/Mike and Dina/Walky may also be teased.

    • This one may be a shot in the dark, but I think Joe/Rachel may be teased at some point int he distant future.

Becky has a crush on Joyce, but won't act on it because she knows where that would go.
This comic, in my own opinion, seems to strongly imply as such. She's even looking off towards where Joyce went when she says she knows what Walky meant. However, since she knows how devout of a Christian Joyce is, she refuses to act on it because she doesn't want to lose the friendship they have.

Becky will get a job at Galasso's Pizzeria in order to stay in Bloomington.

  • Becky can't stay in Joyce and Sarah's room forever. Willis has confirmed that Becky is now part of the main cast, so she'll stick around working at Galasso's pizza place.
    • Adding to that, Joyce may be able to get Leslie to help out Becky, maybe even have her live with Leslie as well.

Sal will be injured to the point of critical due to Amazi-Girl
Likely due to her past embarrassing defeat, Amazi-Girl will take her game up to the next level, accidentally (or purposefully) injure Sal so badly that her survival will be in doubt. This may lead to major impacts in the cast like Walky confronting his parent's favouritism, Amber's furthering mental unbalance due to her being unsure of where she ends and Amazi-Girl begins, etc.

Dina is actually a crosstime child of Kragar the Dragonlord
It perfectly explains her Stealth Hi/Bye habits, her obsession with dinosaurs, and her apparent immaturity, since Dragonlords live for several thousand years.

Carol Brown and Ross "Toedad" MacIntyre had a torrid affair.
  • Because it only adds to her moral hypocrisy and judgmentalness, and their mutual grossness.

Hank will eventually get fed up and leave Carol.
  • Between Joyce's parents, Hank is by far the kinder and more reasonable of the two. Even with his fundamentalist beliefs and lifestyle, Hank has shown a flexibility that his wife utterly lacks. He was able to see Ross MacIntyre for the asshole he was, even before he pulled a gun on Becky and Joyce. Meanwhile Carol defends the man who threatened to shoot her own child. Hank acknowledges his daughter is an adult and is even willing to defer to her judgment in certain matters. Carol's response to Joyce developing opinions outside of her belief system is to try and drag her back into the fold. Hank treats Becky with kindness upon seeing her again, even if he has reservations about her sexuality. Carol treats Becky with hostility as soon as she walks in the door. Hank acknowledges that his son Jordan is a “good kid” even if they don't always agree. Carol explicitly wants to avoid another “Jordan situation” with Joyce. It's even hinted that, whatever happened with Jordan, he was driven away from close association with his family due to the rigid fundamentalist beliefs that Carol clings to. Having already had one of his children alienated from him, and now facing that same possibility with Joyce (and Jocelyne if she ever comes out as trans to her parents), it's possible that Hank will decide that his love for his children is more important than keeping the peace with his wife and end the marriage or at least separate from her.

Amazi-Girl will reach her end soon
From what we can see, Amber's losing her grip on reality, to the point that she just shifts into Amazi-Girl automatically. All it will take is just one final push to send over the edge. Not a big push, but something small like learning Walky and Sal are siblings, her dad piecing things together and setting the cops on her for assault, or some thug that prepared for her. It won't even end with a final fight with Sal: just Amber being subdued and carted off as she raves like a lunatic. And just to add insult to injury, her dad will play the whole thing for sympathy. He'll be saying to the media how the convenience store holdup and his attempts to "toughen her up" have turned his little angel into a monster, and he'll be completely accurate; no one will buy that he's abusive because the only ones who know are Amber or people that have an interest in keeping Amber out of jail. And to makes things worse, her friends are going to get hit with Reality Ensues: Dorothy will never get into Yale because she covered for Amber a while back, Danny and Ethan will become targets for whoever Amazi-Girl beat up, and her friends in general will become pariahs. The only silver lining to the whole thing will be that Sal and Joyce's families will see this and pay better attention to their daughters.
  • God I hope this Happens.

Danny will get tired of being a buttmonkey and Transfer to a different college.

At some point, the Browns will become estranged with each other.
Fact: Willis said that Joyce is autobiographical. Fact: he's estranged from his own mother. Conclusion: that's going to be worked in Joyce's storyline, and the other Browns will end up choosing sides. It's also probably going to be the first time we actually see Jordan. One side: Joyce, her dad, Jocelyn, and Jordan. On the other: her mom and John.
  • And if I have to guess what causes it? Either finding out about Jocelyn being Jocelyn, or finding out about Joyce's near rape experience and her mom blaming Joyce for it and/or slut shaming Joyce.

Amber will be Killed Off for Real by Ryan.
Near the beginning of Book 6, Danny tries to talk Amber out of being Amazi-Girl, thinking it's too dangerous for her now. Amber doesn't listen, and eventually has a face-off with Ryan alongside Sal, a conflict that ultimately results in Ryan being exposed as a rapist via online media. Ryan isn't above rape, so it's unlikely he's above murder either. Furthermore, in several strips he can be seen stalking Dorothy in the background, Dorothy being Amber's confidant whom she plans to meet with later that night. On a side note, Dorothy is currently undergoing a character arc about realizing that she can't do everything, and that she's really not good with failure, foreshadowing the possibility that she might end up failing when it matters most.

All this could very well lead up to Amber's murder by the hands of Ryan, with Dorothy failing to prevent it.
  • Um... I think Amber did the murdering. We'll find out who's right.
    • Well, Amber's definitely alive. So is Ryan, despite Amber's best efforts.

As a result of being Outed, Robin will attempt Suicide

Sarah's plan to break up Raidah and Jacob will hit a snag.
Namely, Dana will return to college and openly admit in front of Raidah that Sarah saved her by telling her father, prompting a reluctant Raidah to apologize to Sarah. However, it will be too late for Sarah to stop Joyce and Jacob from getting smitten with each other.

Dumbing will end with Joyce meeting the in-universe David Willis.
Who just so happened to be doing a comic on college life...

Mary's going to end up pregnant out of wedlock.
If anyone deserves the same fate she had in the Walkyverse, it's Mary; it's one of the more plausible things that could happen in teh Dumbiverse, and it would expose her hypocrisy again.