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The elven shopkeepers aren't fooled by ANY shapeshifting; they just take advantage of it.

When you have the Change Staff, the elves aren't fooled by your shapeshifting — if you try talking to them in different forms, they bluntly announce that they can see right through your illusions before repeating their normal lines. Yet if you shift into a proper, non-human or monster form, the shopkeepers won't claim that they can tell who you are — they just welcome you to their shop. But just because they don't state it doesn't mean it doesn't still hold true. They're just pretending to be fooled so that they can do business with you. Human or not, your money's still good. The only reason they won't sell to you normally is the current Elf Queen's hatred of humans and fondness for Disproportionate Retribution.

Loto is the female canon name, Erdrick is the male canon name.

Just like Black / Touka / Hilbert and White / Touyo /Hilda.

  • One problem with that: Erdrick is the title given to you at the end of the NES version by the king, and Loto is the title given in the other versions.

Baramos, Baramos Gonus, and Baramos Bomus are the same monster.

After you defeat Baramos his soul flees to Zoma (a comment made by the guard in the Gaia Pit indicates as much), who resurrects him into the more powerful undead / zombie / lich form of Baramos Gonus. After defeating him a second time, Zoma resurrects his skeleton into the mindless golem (hence it casting no spells; just attacking over and over) that is Baramos Bomus. Defeating him a third time either destroys the skeleton to dust, or frustrates Zoma over Baramos' consecutive losses, that Zoma decides to challenge the Hero directly.
  • Confirmed by the new English translation: Baramos Gonus is called "the Soul of Baramos" and Baramos Bonus is called "the Bones of Baramos".

King Hydra was weakened by Ortega

The reason why King Hydra was weakest of Zoma's guardians, is because it didn't recover from the wounds suffered from the battle with Ortega. Therefore your father's death was not in vain: The Hero Killer that is King Hydra, at full strength, might have been able to defeat the Hero.